Five Favorites

I’m slowly gearing up for the holidays. It’s an exciting season for me as I love entertaining and spending time with friends and family.

I’m sharing with you some of my favorite items and also gift ideas for the holidays.

Uniqlo Silk Shirts

Nothing is more luxurious than silk shirts but they carry a hefty price tag. Most silk shirts I have range from P3,000-P10,000 depending on the brand. I scored big time at Uniqlo when I found these plain and polka dotted silk shirts for P1,950 each!

Also, I was able to hand wash the shirts using light detergent and they were fine. No dry cleaning needed.

These are perfect tops for everyday wear (nice with denim jeans), for work or for the coming holiday parties!

Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in ‘Neo-Noir’

I like the velvety silk texture of Marc Jacobs’ Lip Gel.

The bright cherry red color is love! This color is bold and will brighten up your smile!

Marc Jacobs Makeup is available online. I bought mine at

Nine West ‘Charlie’ Pointy Pumps

Not all pointy pumps are created equal. Some are really painful to wear. I found a style that I can walk in for miles! The Nine West ‘Charlie’ pointy pumps are so comfy, I bought three colors (blush, black and tan)!

The heels is only 2-12 inches high but the design of the heel makes it seem higher that it really is. The leather is also soft and contours to the feet making it comfortable to wear.

Chocolove chocolates

Chic packaging and yummy taste are deadly combination.

I’m a milk chocolate kind of girl. Chocolove’s Salted Peanut in Milk Chocolate flavor has the perfect salty & sweet harmony I like in a chocolate bar. The Peppermint in Dark Chocolate is also good! I pair it with hot tea.

The best part is that the wrappers have surprise love poems printed on them!

Ang tamis. Tamis. Tamis.

Available at Rustan's groceries

W17 Home Scented Candles

I’m a fan of W17 Home’s scented candles (made in France). The packaging is chic and the candle is long-lasting.

This season they came out with new scents. My new favorite is the ‘Cyprus Pine’.

The scent of cypress pine is refreshing and has a Christmas-y smell! I light it up in the morning as part of my candle and coffee ritual and at night when hanging out in the living room with the family or friends.

W17 candles are also chic holiday presents!

W/17 Home is located at La Fuerza Compound 2241 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City; Tel no.: +63(02) 478 - 1717

Shoppingero/shoppingera, are you excited for the holidays? Have you started Christmas shopping? If not, start now!

Home Chic Home

What happens when two lovely ladies-who-lunch invites you for, well, lunch…a very late one… as in at 2pm (so this is how they stay thin — they eat super late for lunch! LOL)? You go. So I did.

When Mons Romulo invited me to view a new “home” shop, I got excited! As some of you may know, I’ve been playing bahay-bahayan these days at “Maison Epperson”.  My current obsession is furniture… and home accessories… and home decorating books, you get the picture.

I had no expectations at all going to this new joint. I thought, at best, this place would be like most home/furniture stores — quaint and stylish. Oh boy, did I get the surprise of my life!

When I pulled up to La Fuerza compound, this is what greeted me at W/17…

BOOM! Ang laki!!!

The place was packed with Manila's loveliest housewives!

Hindi ako na-brief! This is not a “shop”, this is an emporium!!!

W17 is chic mecca! I love the vignettes!

W/17 is a luxe home store with a “bespoke approach to home,” meaning that customers can customize their rugs, tabletops, and even furniture according to dimensions, materials, color, and even finishes. This gives each home a look that is truly its own, and a look that makes each one a classic in its own right.

This is so my style! Love, love, love the tuxedo-colored walls and white accessories combo!

The creative force behind this innovative home store is Andy Vásquez-Prada, one of the country’s leading interior stylists, who is bringing his style and design philosophy, along with years of experience to ensure that customers learn how they can style or add character to their homes.

In W/17, Vásquez-Prada combines Filipino ingenuity with world-class materials, ingenious designs and social responsibility.  Joining him for this venture is social entrepreneur Kaye Tinga, who will be serving as W/17’s Director of Social Enterprise.  Known for her civic work, Tinga’s experience with various livelihood programs would help in keeping W/17 true to fair trade principles as well as helping local communities.

I need time to save up for this table. I want it. I hope no one beats me to it. No one dares! LOL

I’ve been a fan of Andy since his Rustan’s days! Every time I see him, I gush on how gorgeous his designs are! Finally, he has ventured on his own and created something spectacular and very “Andy”.

Looking for gigantic doors?

Meanwhile, the best of Asia and the rest of the world will be at W/17, with the store showcasing Chinese antique furniture and ceramics, and B&B Italia modern furniture from Italy, among other materials that Andy and Kaye plan to bring to the store.

Shagreen love

When you need some drama...

The epitome of shabby chic!

Rick Owens would be proud

SAVE! This lamp is mine!

Visitors can expect W/17 to be a showcase of the best in both East and West, with porcelain, fine bone, and handmade dinnerware from local pottery studios, along with Iñigo Elizalde rugs, and abaca pieces sourced from around the country. The abaca pieces, in particular, are unique for their color variations, which come from both the seasons they were harvested in, and the places they were harvested from. Vásquez-Prada will be lending his distinctive touch to the local pieces as he will be designing them himself.

Filipino made jar

Play of textures

Last piece. Who will be the lucky one?

Everyone needs these in their kitchen!

Affordable and chic plato-platuhan! I waaaaant!

Luxe box

Fallen Leaf by Alexander Lamont. Beautiful!

Don’t let the size of the place intimidate you. W/17 offers a lot of affordable pieces. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Lovely lattice-like finish

The elusive hand-stitched linen napkins. Unahan!

Mother of pearl knick-knacks

The lovely housewives of Manila:

Mrs. Betty Chua and Mrs. Lovely Romulo

Mrs. Telly Maclang and Mrs. Angie Tan

Jeannie Goulbourn and Frances Lim

Ladies who lunch and “launch”

Mons Romulo and Kaye Tinga

Can I I just point out that the gold snakeskin wedge of Mons and the cork Louboutin slingbacks of Kaye are TDF! I can’t wait for our next “merienda” session! Humanda kayo, nakaoutfitey na ako! Haha!

Despite my very casual attire, what I wore looked great against the Iñigo Elizalde rugs! LOL


W/17 is the new power player in the home department. Their collections are chic, modern, well-priced, and well-edited. If I were a bride again (which can happen… when Tom and I finally have our church wedding… soon), I would have my bridal registry here! Walang itapon!

Truly, W/17 is a world of its own to discover, and with its unique philosophy and high-quality materials, it is sure to become the benchmark in home stores here in the Philippines.

Congratulations Andy and Kaye! W/17 is a gem!

W/17 is located at 2241 Pasong Tamo, La Fuerza Compound, Makati City. Visit their website:

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