Mother’s Day Talk, SM The Block

Life is truly full of surprises! So much so, that I was shocked to find out that my Mother’s Day talk for SM The Block is not on Sunday but this Friday, May 11 at 5pm! Haaay!

No one’s fault really, I got confused because of the change of schedule. Note to self: Don’t rely on DMs, always confirm through email and text.

Thanks SM for inviting me to this fun and fab Mom’s event! Special thanks too to Van of! Sorry Van if I gave you a mild heart attack! Surprise! LOL

I hope that everyone can go albeit the very short notice… As in, ngayon ko lang kayo iniinform! At kakatanggap ko lang ng materials for blogging! Haha!

Single ladies and men are also welcome! Marami kayong mapulot na tips at katatawanan sa akin! In the end, life is about having fun and being fabulous! #Alamnyoyan

My talk is not just about being a mom but also about being a woman, a friend, and a lover! O-ha!


To those who want to have their Fashion + Food books signed, please come too! 

Advance happy Mother’s Day!

Not “Ngarag”, Just “Kalog”

I’m so glad I had a talk and book signing at SM North Edsa. Not only did I had a blast, I also had the opportunity to meet some of my readers, bloggers, and new friends!

Thanks Alex for this:

“Martha Stewart + Rachel Zoe = Jenni Epperson

“Minimum effort, maximum impact.” – Jenni Epperson

If there’s one thing that we, Filipinos, can take pride off, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this, that’ll be MULTI-TASKING. May it be in our work, in our society or in our home, multi-tasking is in our blood and we are so damn good about it!

And last week, as I was invited to the book launch of Miss Jenni Epperson, Nuffnang’s 2011 Best Lifestyle Blog Awardee, at SM North EDSA The Block, I got to witness one living proof of it. But on this book launch, I didn’t see that “ngarag” multi-tasker, but instead a full-time mom and wife that also bears that true-blooded fashionista aura and knows how to play around with food, fashion and life.

I got to meet Miss Epperson before in an event where her photographs were exhibited. Her works made an impact to me that led me to following her on Twitter and on her blog Through these media, I got an additional glimpses of her other works that really inspire me to be good in some “creative stuff” that I do. And now, as she released a hard copy of her best works, there’s no need to ask me if I’m dying to have one… because I am really dying to have her book Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style!

It was during that launch that I finally introduced myself to her. As a fan, it was really a treat to shake the hands of your idol, but when I had a chance to talk to her and found out how “kalog” she is, I just fall to the pit of the “avid fan” tag. And I’m willing to shout it out to the whole wide world. Hehe.

I never thought that she was that really cool! And to openly share her cool ideas and funny experiences, with no hesitations at all, I knew that even the other people who doesn’t know her that much that started to like  her too.

Her book touches a bit of her personal favorites in life, and with a nice mix and match of colors, taste and playful mind on fashion and food, she gave birth to Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style.I had a chance to look at some of the pages of her book, and I must say that with the juicy information that you can get here, your life will surely change!

Plus, with the amazing photos taken by her husband, Tom Epperson, you’ll never regret that you bought a book worth Php1,100.

Jenni Epperson’s book Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style is available at all National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches.”


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