Why Using A Gift Registry Can Keep You Sane

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It feels as if everyone is getting married whenever it's the "ber" months. While we're all happy to celebrate our friends and loved ones' engagements the idea of buying gifts for their wedding seems daunting. Also, with the busy holidays fast approaching our gift list can get crazy. That's why… Read More

What To Add To Your Table: Toast Rack

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not make it delightful too? A toast rack adds an elegant touch to the tablescape. It is a serving piece that has partitions used for holding slices of toast. If this is the first time you've actually seen a… Read More

The Epperson’s NYE

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Ringing in the New Year brings so much joy and hope. It's a great time for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to all the new memories and adventures for 2016. [caption id="attachment_40445" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Aryanna's blackboard art[/caption] At home, cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing our space for New… Read More

A Merry Epperson Christmas

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In Maison Epperson, the Christmas festivities officially kick off on December 24. We always plan our Christmas Eve and Christmas day on what activities to do (Santa stakeout FTW!), what movies to watch and the menus for the holidays. By making some sort of schedule, it allows us to commit… Read More

Plato-Platuhan: John Lewis

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In 1929 John Lewis’s founder, Spedan Lewis, had a vision of a ‘better way of doing business’ which rewarded employees for their contribution. He created the John Lewis Partnership, a company owned by its employees. Today all John Lewis employees, are called ‘Partners’ and receive a share of the profit… Read More

Table Setting: Easy Summer Picnic

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Tom recently had a shoot for one of the hotels in the city. He shot the interior of a new grand ballroom. After the photo shoot, he was given some of the fresh flowers that were used as props. He brought home five floral centerpieces for me. So sweet and… Read More

Easy Sunday

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Sundays are either about nursing a hangover (haha) or spending time with the family. Whatever it is, it's one day where everyone should take a break and relax; no need to stress about family lunch or brunch with friends. I believe that Sunday's should be spent leisurely but civilized. Meaning,… Read More
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