‘Plato-platuhan’: Hula Hoop

Corelle, the trusted and world-leading dinnerware brand launched it’s newest collection: Hula Hoop

Corelle Hula Hoop is a colorful play of bold and bright bubbles of appetizing red, orange, blue and green that is sure to transform every meal into sunny, pleasurable dining. The contemporary design and the contrasting hues can spark up any rather ordinary table top, giving you a high-impact table setting that is sure to impress your loved ones and your guests.

Perfect for Sunday brunch!

Corelle Hula Hoop’s brilliant splash of colors is available in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit your lifestyle and needs. Its pristine white landscape blends perfectly with other table setting scheme and flatters every culinary work of art.

Corelle rocks: Thin, stackable and oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, Corelle Hula Hoop is also perfect for modern ladies and young households—deliberately designed for convenience.

Love it: Hula Hoop also features the signature Vitrelle glass of Corelle dinnerware in a three-layered sandwich construction, making it lightweight yet resistant to breaking, chipping and cracking. Its non-porous surface also resists bacteria, stains and odours, making it a healthy and safe dinnerware to serve your family and loved ones’ favorite dishes.

Dylan: What are you doing, mom?
Me: Taking photos for my blog. Don’t touch the bread.
Dylan: OK… What are you doing, mom?
Me: I said, I’m shooting.
Dylan: Can I have the chocolate bread?
Me: It’s called Pain Au Chocolat.
Dylan: Oh… Chocolate bread!
Me: I’m shooting…
Dylan: I’ll count! One, two… *grabs the bread*

Haaaay Dylan!

Corelle Hula Hoop is available at all Raffles branches and via Independent Distributors nationwide and at Kitchen World, Eastwood Mall. It comes with a one-year warranty from thermal breakage. For more details, call (+632) 687-4715 to 16 local 33 or 34, send SMS to 0999-8254-838. Raffles and Company, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of world renowned houseware brands—CORELLE, CORNINGWARE, VISIONS and PYREX.

Table Setting: Zebra

The zebra stripes have become my signature print. Whenever my family and friends see the animal print, they think of me — “very Jenni Epperson lang!” LOL

So when Crossings Department Store got their zebra print plates, guess who Xandra Padilla-Ramos called?

Let’s play plato-platuhan, shall we?

Fierce plates


French style trompe l’oeil placemat


Carabao horn utensils


Glass tumbler


Fresh flowers


Crystal vase


 Table for two

Tip: Whether in fashion or home styling, mix animal prints with neutrals like khakis and whites to balance the look. Add metallic accessories in silver or gold for the final touch.

The zebra plates and placemats are available at Crossings Department Store.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, visit Crossings Department Store for fun, fab and affordable furniture and other home décor!

Bahay-Bahayan | French Style Décor

If you’re following me on Twitter, you would know that I have been decluttering for the last few weekends now and our home is more organized and spacious. I thought I’d spruce up the place a bit and give it a minor makeover.

Since I’m not an interior designer, my home design process is very much like a fashion stylist — I accessorize and layer textures to bring a space together the way I would style a look.

Bagsful of goodies I got from Our Home.

La “Maison Epperson’s” decorating style is all about “glamfun” — eclectic mix of furniture, a touch of luxury, lots of art, and interesting home accessories.

Moodboard: It’s a mad, mad, mademoiselle world!

Paris when it sizzles

Score: Chic throw pillows that channel the French grain/flour sacks

I absolutely adore old French grain sacks but my gosh, they’re expensive! Look what I found at Our Home:

The pillow cases are made from soft woven fabric.

Decorative throw pillows are like jewelry when placed on couches as they enhance the look of the furniture.

Puma-Parisian, noh?

Tip: One of the easiest way to change the look of your couch or the look of your living room for that matter is change your throw pillows. They are a terrific way to tie a room together, plus affordable too.

"Sophistication and spectacle" - Coco Chanel

I went for a monochromatic look but added some textures to my couch — I mixed a studded bolster pillow I got in Thailand with the Our Home throw pillows.

Coco Chanel would be proud. Haha!

Aryanna approved

My sleeping beauty

Even my dahlin’ Dylan looks good next to the Our Home throw pillows! Haha!

Dylan watching one of his favorite DVD shows "Veggie Tales" on our newly spruced up couch.

Score: French style damask and gingham placemats

Tablescaping is probably one of my favorite things to do at home. If I’m not styling celebrities or working on fashion editorials, I’m creating different looks with our tableware or on our coffee table.

To keep within my French style décor, I also got some lovely placemats and table napkins from Our Home.

Our everyday white fine bone China plates get a cheery vibe with mismatched placemat and table napkin.

Tip: Mix and match prints

When mixing prints, stick to one color.

2 in 1. The floral print placemat is reversible.

Bonjour! Brunch set-up

As you can see, I also used the vintage-inspired French grain/flour sack throw pillows for our dining set.

Score: Chic black and white curtains

You may come to realize over time that I do fancy black and white when it comes to interiors.

Tip: Curtains are like clothing for your windows — whether it’s a little black dress, a cocktail dress for your living room, or a simple curtain for your dining room — you need to try it on. Buy two panels or a few yards of fabric first (make sure to ask about the return/exchange policies of the store) and hang them up to see if they work with the look of your place.

I love this black and white curtains — striking and bold, and yet somehow they don’t dominate the room. By the way, we're hanging more art on the wall this week for some pop of colors.

Score: Decorative ceramic figurine

Home accents such as decorative figurines add personality to one’s home.

Unlike the other stuff I bought from Our Home, this particular Lady Jade figurine was a bit of a splurge. As most large-sized ceramic or porcelain figurines, they cost a fair bit.

Just like some people name their yachts and guitars, I name my ceramic figurines because not one decorative animal or figurine should live with me at home without a name. LOL

Meet Coco, my Lady Jade in waiting. Haha!

Giving your home some minor makeover can really make all the difference. You don’t need to spend much to create a stylish interior all you need is some creativity and a whole lot of fun!

Happy home, happy life!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, visit SM Our Home now!

Find your nearest Our Home store here: http://www.ourhome.ph/store-locations/metro-manila

My Big Problem

I want some pieces from Missoni x Target. Do any of you know how to order them online and deliver it to Manila? Please help me!

The Missoni for Target collection is TDF! I am especially in love with the homeware!

According to Margherita Maccapani Missoni, it is the biggest designer collaboration Target has ever had with around around 400 pieces!

See the Missoni for Target collection in action – and learn about the history and traditions of Missoni.

As a plato-platuhan collector, this would be a chic (and cheap) addition to my growing collection!

I can imagine these in the master’s bedroom and bathroom.

It would be nice to have some of these pieces too:

I know this is pushing my luck but I. WANT. IT.


Missoni for Target will be available on September 13

Plato-platuhan: Heirloom Set

I know, I know… I have so much ka-platuhan!

Not to be defensive, but let me just say: I may be a hoarder but I use everything I own. I enjoy every piece of item I buy. I’m also not attached to my things. Promise! I’ve always played a scenario in my mind: if all my stuff burned in a fire, what would I miss?

Not one of my top ten answers has anything to do with fashion, beauty, or any of my collection. It would be my computer (all my photos and important documents are there), Tom’s handwritten love letters, photographs, artworks, aryanna’s drawings, etc.

The point is, I use all my stuff: heirloom pieces, collection, etc because I want to enjoy them. What’s the point in owning things you can’t experience and love?

Happy meal

That’s why today I busted out Baby Dylan’s Tiffany set, a gift from my friend Divine Lee during my baby shower. Dylan loves dinosaurs so this dinnerware set is perfect! Look at the adorable dino details!

Thank you tita Divine!

Shoppingera, scour your homes for old gifts and purchases! You never know, you may find some precious stuff hidden somewhere there! Use them and make memories out of them, after all, it’s the memories that will really last you forever. ☺

Plato-Platuhan: Fashion Plate

Being stylish doesn’t have to stop with just clothes. Plate up a serving of fashion with bold and sexy, black and white plato-platuhan!

My latest acquisition to my plato-platuhan collection are sets of Vera Wang Naturals Chalk Stoneware in Graphite (gray) and Leaf (white). Thought I’d share with you some of my favorite table settings at home.

I like minimalist tablescape using monochromatic hues and with a touch of whimsy. I hope this inspires you to create your own table setting at home.

Tip: Try stacking up a mix of black and white plates! These solid and classic colors make it so easy to make dinner look super “bongga”!

MIX AND MATCH. Play with colors and textures.

KEEP IT PRACTICAL. Use stainless steel utensils instead of silverware. The key is in the design of the flatware.

MAKE IT FUN! Add a touch of whimsical element to your table settings.

Topped with my signature Epperson napkin fold, a simple bowtie in the center of the plate, it gives a high fashion feel to our dining experience. Naaaaks!

CLASSIC WITH A TWIST. Mix modern pieces with classic designs.

PERSONALIZE IT. The bow napkin is a signature Epperson touch.

Start busting out your heirloom pieces and enjoy them with your loved ones!

Remember: “LIVE STYLE”


Vintage Shopping

Famous quotes from the movie “High Society”:

Tracy: Are you learning anything about the idle rich?
Mike: Yeah, they drive too fast. Where are we headed anyway?
Tracy: The graveyard.
Mike: I’m not ready.
Tracy: I thought I’d show you the playground of the rich, the graveyard of the wealthy.
Mike: Well, for that I’m ready.

What Tracy Lord (Grace Kelly) was referring to as the "graveyard of the wealthy" was the derelict mansions repossessed by the government due to high taxes.


Some people may see auction houses as “graveyards” of the rich, I see it at as a shopping haven! I mean, even if you can afford, where else can one find an original Amorsolo painting or a pair of vintage xx-Carat emerald earrings in this day and age?

Auction houses like Salcedo Auctions provide a venue for sellers, shoppers, and collectors. Think of it as a soshal swap market! Haha!

I have experienced bidding at Salcedo Auctions for a set of Limoges (LEEmozh) dessert bowls and I can tell you that bidding for it was exciting! It’s like playing poker — you have to bid with a poker face and hope to bluff the other bidders. It’s nerve-racking especially when someone is trying to outbid you! I swear, you want to take the paddle and hit them for bidding against me! LOL


The Limoges dessert bowls I won at the auction!


I am happy to report that I won the bid for the Limoges and I got them for a very good price!


An heirloom set I could pass on to Aryanna plus, an exciting story to tell my future grand kids on how I got them... Which will be 80,000 years from now because Aryanna is way too young! Haha!


This time, Salcedo Auctions presents: “Jewels and Timepieces”

Collectors, are you ready?

Shoppingero/shoppingera, visit Salcedo Auctions now!

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