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During the Century Tuna Superbods event at Boracay, I was approached by PC&V President and Creative Director, Ariel Comia and asked me if I could help Nanette Medved-Po with her project. I said, “Of course!”

Nanette and I spoke briefly and she shared with me her inspiring project. I told her to email me all the information and that it would be my pleasure to share it with readers of my blog to help create awareness.

Hope In A Bottle

Ladies, gentlemen, and gays, if you want to help change lives, please read below:

Education is the key to our country’s future success. But with 88% of our students in public schools and a classroom shortage of 66,800 – our future depends getting things right for them.

Fortunately, making a difference in the lives of these public school students is now as easy as buying bottled water with Hope in a Bottle. Launched by Friends of Hope Inc., a non-profit organization that aims to empower students through better education, Hope in a Bottle contains 500ml of purified drinking water and is priced at parity with existing products in the market.  Apart from quenching your thirst, it also allows you to help a worthy cause. All of Friends of Hope Inc.’s profit goes straight to building new public school classrooms for Filipino kids in need, making it a better choice when buying water.

Entertainment personalities Joey de Leon, Jericho Rosales, Winnie Monsod, Bea Alonzo, and Boy Abunda have joined the “Alumni” Campaign of Hope as they themselves are the product of public schools. They have volunteered their star power for free in order to help Hope in a Bottle in its efforts to help the public schools.

Boy Abunda

Bea Alonzo

Jericho Rosales

Winnie Monsod

Joey De Leon

“Partners like Rustan’s, Seattle’s Best, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, South Supermarket and SuySing decided to carry us even before anybody knew what Hope was about. I think that speaks volumes about the heart of a business when it chooses to be involved in something that invests in the country’s future.” Nanette went on to say.

” Asked about the team that made Hope in a Bottle a reality, Nanette says, “You’d be amazed at the number of people who want to help a good effort and Hope wasted no time taping the best minds in marketing, production, and management to make this effort a reality. I think that’s an incredible opportunity and resource that businesses overlook sometimes- the willingness of individuals who want to be part of something that makes a difference.”

"It says a lot about the companies that choose to carry Hope. We are very grateful for their support. It's through them that the idea of Hope is even possible." says Nanette Po who has spent the better part of a year working on Project Hope.

When asked about the future plans of Hope beyond Hope in a Bottle, Medved answered, “The problem that we are trying to address is quite a large one- and we have no illusions that we are somehow going to be the solution. All we aspire for is to be a part of the solution- so with regards to any future plans… we intend to just put one foot in front of the other right now and hope for the best.”


Hope In A Bottle may not plan to be the solution to the overwhelming problem of public education but it may spark a movement that can be.

Let’s all watch this, shall we?


Hope In A Bottle is available at Jamba Juice, Shopwise, Kenny Rogers, Landmark, South Supermarkets, Rustan’s, Ministop, Krispy Kreme, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Robinsons Supermarkets, Super 8, and Suy Sing.

Thanks Nannette for our stash. From now on, the Eppersons will buy Hope in a Bottle!

In a nutshell: Choose Hope In A Bottle water at groceries or when ordering a drink from restaurants and help change lives.

For more information on Hope In A Bottle, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter: @HopeInABottle. You can also email Friends of Hope at contact@friendsofhope.ph

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