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You’ve Got Parties. I’ve Got Outfit & Gift Ideas.

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'Tis the season for parties, get-togethers and merry-makings. The holidays transform all of us into little-miss/mister-social-butterflies raring to spread love and yuletide cheers. So fun. Then there's the issue of what to wear?!! What gifts to shop for?!! Not Fun. I consider myself a black belt holder when it comes… Read More

Why The Future Home Is All About Connection

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I believe that family is about connection and building strong family ties starts at home. It's all about spending time together, being in the moment and savoring experiences without being tethered to gadgets but, I'm also all for the digital lifestyle to help enhance our daily lives. I mean, family… Read More

Why Using A Gift Registry Can Keep You Sane

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It feels as if everyone is getting married whenever it's the "ber" months. While we're all happy to celebrate our friends and loved ones' engagements the idea of buying gifts for their wedding seems daunting. Also, with the busy holidays fast approaching our gift list can get crazy. That's why… Read More

Family Bonding Time: Singapore, Day 1

8:27 am 1 Comment

There is something really special about traveling as a family. I remember the first mother and daughter trip I had with Aryanna was in Singapore. We had a blast touring the city, doing fun activities, food tripping and of course shopping together! It was a girl bonding moment we will… Read More

I Went To Malaysia To Eat Biscuits

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It's not everyday that one gets invited to travel and get to eat all the biscuits and cookies to their hearts content. So when Aryanna and I received the invitation from Julie's biscuits (not in any way connected to the local Julie's Bakeshop) to visit their factory in Malaysia we… Read More

My Secrets In Making The Best Mac & Cheese

9:47 am 8 Comments

Mac & Cheese for me is one of the easiest and most delicious meals you can make in the entire planet. I cook it for my family whenever they have gooey, carb-y cravings to shut them up, haha. I swear, it always happens when I'm about to relax and watch… Read More

My Dream Travel Attire Just Came True

10:40 am 2 Comments

To don a stylish, relevant and comfortable attire is every fashion girl's goal. Traveling in style and wearing sleepwear is everyone's dream! Enter pajama dressing! [caption id="attachment_44033" align="aligncenter" width="684"] (From left) Thakoon and Alexander Wang, took a literal approach for spring and sent out pajama sets on the runways.[/caption] Fashion… Read More

Five Favorites

11:40 am 2 Comments

I so missed blogging!! I took time off from my regular postings because real life just got more fun and interesting for me. If you're following my Instagram Stories (sorry Snapchat but I've moved!!) you would know that my social calendar has been a packed the last few weeks plus,… Read More
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