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5 Drinks That Helped Me Lose Weight

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If you're following me on Snapchat, you would know how ecstatic I am for losing weight especially during my last weigh-in at The Aivee Clinic last Saturday (I lost 3 more pounds!!!) One of the biggest change I did when I started my weight-loss diet was drinking lots of water… Read More

Father’s Day Fashion & Footwear

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When it comes to the Epperson boys' fashion, it's all about comfort and cool style. Tom and Dylan shares the same penchant for casual wear like jeans, short and t-shirts but they also love pairing them with blazers on special occasions. Dylan is at that stage where he likes to… Read More

How To Make The Perfect Microwave Pancake In A Cup

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Tom and I pride ourselves in making killer pancakes. Friends and family who have tried our flapjacks can attest to how good they are. However, it takes precision (using our own secret recipe) and time to make them and sometimes, our children don't have the patience to wait for our… Read More

How I Lost 15 Pounds

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Since my last pregnancy (six years ago), I've gained a total of 30 pounds (M0$&@* F*#$^!!!). I've been unhappy about being overweight because I literally feel heavy. I blame my post-pregnancy body, age and mindless eating for my weight gain. When my clothes start to get tight, that’s when I… Read More

I Found The Best Beach Hat!

9:39 am 7 Comments

The moment I saw Audrey Hepburn's Harper's Bazaar, April 1956 cover I knew I had to hunt for that cloche-shaped straw hat! I researched about the vintage hat that she wore on the cover but I couldn't find any information except that she wore a floral creation by Hubert de… Read More

Check Out Justin Bieber’s Lavish Lake Estate

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I have a confession: I am a Hollywood celebrity house stalker (don't be surprised if I start blogging/reposting about the homes of the stars). I like taking inspirations from some of their dreamy pads and applying them in Maison Epperson. The summer vibe hasn't left my system and looking at… Read More

3 New Compact Foundations You Should Try Now!

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I have fully embraced the "no makeup" makeup look for the daytime. I like the foundation formulas that give enough coverage for redness without any heaviness and makes my skin glow and look well-rested. Here are some tried and tested foundations that have natural-looking finish and with protection too: 1.… Read More

Five Favorites

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Summer vacation just ended for me. I already got my beach getaway fix so I'm happy. It was also a delight to take a break from regular blogging and just live life. And since Aryanna was also on break from the university for a month, we got some much-needed mom… Read More
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