Unboxing: My New Aranaz Bag

Aranaz bags hold a special place in my heart. I had my first ever fashion collaboration with Amina Aranaz-Alunan in 2005: The limited edition Jenni Epperson for Aranaz “Ati-atihan” Collection (it was also the birth of “The Coconut Bag”). Amina was also my first assistant and we both worked with ABS-CBN Publishing’s Chalk magazine. She was practically born in the bag business as her family has been exporting them for many years now. I remember her selling bags to friends until she decided to expand her skills and left the country to study at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, where she took up her masters in Accessories Design. She has since been designing bags for the company and has won several accessories design awards. I am so proud of her!

Last Summer, Aranaz bags debuted their Flamingo Bag and it was included in luxury fashion retailer site Moda Operandi‘s Curated Collection: La Dolce Vita, Resort 2015.

Since I stalk @ModaOperandi and @AranazPH on Instagram, the minute I saw the bag, I wanted it. Unfortunately, the beach bag sold out fast and I thought I missed out on it until a birthday package was delivered to my house last week.

Let’s open it!!!


The Flamingo Bag is made from straw, tinilak, leather, fabric lining, leather handles and proudly made in the Philippines.

This is perfect for my tropicana trip!

It is crazy beautiful!!! I love the pink flamingos!

I was able to view Aranaz’ Summer 2015 collection at the recently concluded Manila FAME and I’ve got my eye on another straw tote with palm leaves. It’s fabulous!

Thank you Amina, Rosanna and Tita Becky for my birthday gift! Can’t wait to get my hands on your Summer collection!

Shoppingera, visit Aranaz boutiques now!

Aranaz shops:
ARANAZ Rockwell
2/F Power Plant Mall
Makati City, Metro Manila
t: (02)-8907559

ARANAZ Greenbelt
2/F Greenbelt 5
Makati City, Metro Manila
t: (02)-7570301

Raffles Hotel, Makati
Balesin Resort, Quezon
Amanpulo Resort, Palawan
District 32, Cebu International Airport
Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu

The Secret Is Out! Lucky Rainbow + The Best Fried Rice In The Metro

I’ve been holding off blogging about this as I wasn’t sure if I should share with you my new favorite Chinese restaurant that also serves the best fried rice in the metro. My fear was after blogging it I might not be able to get a table anymore, haha! Anyway, my passion for sharing all things good and yummy is stronger than my indulgences so here it is…

I’m talking about Lucky Rainbow (Royal Banquet) Seafood Restaurant. I discovered it last Summer while my family and I were busy going back and forth to Home Depot in Pasong Tamo (the restaurant is beside Mitsubishi and a few buildings away from Home Depot) during our house renovations. I made a mental note of the place so we could go back and try it.

Unfortunately, my memory failed me as I totally forgot about the place the minute our renovation ended haha! Good thing my friends called me for an afternoon of dimsum delight in the new resto. We ordered almost everything (exage!) and ate everything. The food was so yummy that after devouring the lauriat-style meal, no one uttered a word and we were all slumped in our chairs trying to digest what we consumed. I’ve never seen my friends look so full in my life! Food coma ang peg! LOL

Lucky Rainbow offers private rooms with karaoke. Sing, eat and be merry!

It was a good thing that I went with friends the first time, at least na-test drive na for The Eppersons.

Lucky Rainbow’s hits:

Lucky Rainbow Fried Rice – This is the restaurant’s signature fried rice. I’m telling you, you don’t need to order any other rice but this. It’s fried rice with scallops, crabs, assorted veggies in a pool of light creamy pumpkin soup/sauce. I know what you’re you’re thinking: PUMPKIN SOOOUP?!!! Wag kang judgemental! Lasapin ang ebidensya. Ang saraaaap!

Hakaw - They’re the typical steamed shrimp dumplings. They’re good with chili and soy sauce.

Xiao Long Bao – I love the flavor of the ground pork in the dumpling and the soup is tasty. Very good dumplings!

Pork Asado (Grilled Pork with Honey Sauce) – This is the Epperson’s favorite dish! The thinly sliced pork is tender and the glaze is sweet and delicious!

Roast Layer Pork (Macau Style) - Crispy, salty and fatty pork that will leave you wanting for more. Warning: Galaw-galaw baka ma-stroke! LOL

I also recommend the Sweet & Sour Pork and Fried Minced Pork with Baguio Beans. Sorry, no photo as we devoured them before I could whip out my camera.

Tip: If you’re 3-4 people dining, just order Small size as it’s good enough for sharing.

Whenever we bring our 4-year old on Dylan to Lucky Rainbow, they serve the Lucky Rainbow Fried Rice in Mickey Mouse form. Cute!

Since the first time my family and I tried Lucky Rainbow, we’ve been having lunches and dinners there quite often. So often that we’ve memorized the menu! I swear, I should get a VIP Card already from this joint!

We still have to try a lot of the dishes. So far, so yummy and the price is not bad at all.

The service has also improved since the first time I've been to the resto. Good job, guys! Keep it up!

We’re so at home at Lucky Rainbow that my son has no qualms about doing his Kung-Fu moves whenever he hears Chinese music playing. Oh. My. Dylaaan.

Lucky Rainbow’s food gets cute peace signs from Dylan and Aryanna!

Our favorite table

Ayan, the secret is out na! Good luck na lang sa amin na makakuha ng table next time! LOL

Lucky Rainbow (Royal Banquet) Seafood Restaurant branches: Ground Level, Patriarch Building, 2224 Pasong Tamo corner Don Bosco St., Makati City (478-1385); Sabino Padilla St Binondo, Manila (313-8584); Unit 201-204, Z Square Mall, Del Monte Ave. Damar, Quezon City (921-0716)

What Moms Can Learn From Stella McCartney’s Style

Moms have one of the toughest and most challenging jobs in the world. It takes a lot of commitment, love, nurturing, effort and time to be one. Sometimes, it feels as if there’s not enough time in a day to do what needs to be done at work and to take care of the family at the same time. More so, to look put together while balancing life. Being a mother is amazing, but it isn’t always glamorous.

Unless you are a mom and a woman of leisure at the same time, long gone are your days of aimlessly wandering through malls, trying to find the perfect dress for a party. And spending every free time having mani/pedi done. That’s a cruel thing of the past. When you’re a working mom, getting ready is more a feat of speed and efficiency than leisure and luxury. It’s true.

I’ve always admired designer Stella McCartney’s style. She’s a working mom and she always looks put together in a cool (not matronly) manner.

I’ve decoded Stella’s style and we can all learn from this fashion icon on how to look refined and not frumpy despite life’s challenges:

Dress + Statement shoes – It’s easy to wear a classic shift dress to a party but nothing spells mommy than a shapeless dress with zero personality. Choose simple dresses with cool details such as a mullet shift dress and pair it with cool shoes. Keep the makeup light and for love of god, comb your hair! LOL

It’s all about proportions. Not all moms are comfortable in wearing shorts and minis. Maybe some feel it’s inappropriate to wear them when you’ve hit 40. My take on shorts and minis is that as long as you’ve got the legs and attitude for it, go for gold! Skip the tank top, instead, pair them with a white long sleeved shirt or blouse or even with a blazer and t-shirt combo. Also, wear nude sandals to keep those legs looking long.

Stylish moms and BFFs Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow rock the denim shorts and mini dress.

Trailblazer. The fastest way (and the most flattering for any body shape too) to look refined during “ngarag” days is throwing on a blazer over your outfit. Whether you’re wearing a jeans and t-shirt combo or if don’t know what to wear to a cocktail party, a good-fitting blazer can instantly take your from dag to fab!

Jean-ius! You don’t have to be the daughter of The Beatles’ Paul McCartney to rock denim jeans. The key to looking cool and classy at the same time is choosing a pair of that fits well and flatters your body. Keep the top simple, no frills and pair it with high heels for a refined look.

Dress to impress. Dresses are tricky when you hit a certain age. Depending on the print and cut, it could easily age a woman. Avoid too many printed dresses and go for solid colors and fresh silhouettes such as a denim tunic, a scuba-inspired dress or dresses with interesting hem details and throw on a cropped evening jacket.

Black & white. Neutral colored pieces are the building blocks of every woman’s wardrobe especially for working moms. Buy good quality, classic pieces of black and white separates, suits and even shoes. They will save you from everyday wardrobe woes. Also, choose interesting cuts and play with textures to keep it modern.

Have a ball! Formal affairs are rare and special. Buy an evening dress or two that are both stylish, elegant and fun. Skip glittery gowns and go for sleek style. Your wardrobe should only enhance your personality and not literally shine bright like a diamond in the room. LOL

It’s not an easy gig in balancing family and “fashion” but with a little effort, dressing up can be simple and fun!

Go moms!

Our Christmas Tree Is Up!

We usually put up our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving but since we’re preparing for a big garage sale (watch out for this!!) I decided to start decorating for the holidays to lessen the boxes in our stockroom (aka Dylan’s room which is still under renovation).

I posted a photo of the family putting up the tree on Instagram last night and realized that our white tree looks great unadorned!

Photo taken using Instgaram

I’m loving the sparse look! I’m holding off in decorating the Christmas tree or at least until after Thanksgiving.

Although, I am also very excited to decorate it as I’m dedicating the Christmas tree this year to my daughter Aryanna. It’s going to be personalized and amazing! I can’t wait! Tune in!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, when do you start decorating for the holidays?

Maison Epperson: Glam-O-Ween Décor

Halloween is fun! But all the creepy, crawly, scary, sometimes down right nasty decorations can be a little much. Personally, I prefer cute over “kata-cute” when decorating for Hallow’s Eve.

Time to trick out Maison Epperson with some easy, simple and inexpensive decorations. It’s all about glam-o-ween!

Killer entrance. Plastic neck and wrist shackles hung by the door knob makes a spooktacular welcome!

Jack O’ Glam-terns. Paper pumpkin masks look chic and fun when displayed on the shelves.

Pumpkin spice. A baby pumpkin makes a cute and creepy display in the powder room.

Bewitching! Mylar Halloween banners displayed on the gates of hell can hold up to any temperature and weather till the witching hour.

True blood. A foam apron doubles as  a scary signage for the foyer.

Trick or treat? What’s Halloween without costumes, candies and kids?

What is "gigil?" Our dahling Dylan is the cutest pirate ashore!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what’s brewing in your home this Halloween?

Plastic neck and hands shackles and foam apron: The Landmark
Paper masks and mylar banners: National Book Store
Baby pumpkin: Rustan’s The Marketplace

Reblogged: “You Can Now Live in Holly Golightly’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Townhouse”

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ the classic romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard is one of my all-time favorite Classics.

Holly Golightly, the main character of Truman Capote’s novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s was probably the most vulnerable character that Audrey Hepburn has ever played. The character development of both George and Holly in the film was flawless. It’s the ultimate rom-com!

I also love the wardrobe (great fashion styling too) and the sets were fabulous!

Holly Golightly’s apartment was one of the chicest and most memorable sets ever:

The interior shots for the movie were filmed on a sound stage in Hollywood but the exterior shots that illustrated the movie adaptation of Truman Capote’s classic were made quintessentially New York swanky, with shots of Tiffany’s and of the brownstone at 169, 71st St.

If I had $8M to spare, I’d totally buy Holly Golightly’s brownstone!

You Can Now Live in Holly Golightly’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ Townhouse
Jamie Wiebe | Culture News

Who wouldn’t want to step into Holly Golightly’s shoes? If you’ve got $8 million, you can: The Upper East Side brownstone that moonlighted as her home in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is for sale, and a quick peek inside explains why this home is such a star. Granted, the movie’s interiors were filmed on a soundstage, but you’ll have no trouble feeling chic in the four-bedroom, 3,800-square-foot home, which features high ceilings, grandiose, wood-burning fireplaces, and a solarium.

Paramount Pictures

The apartment was last listed three years ago for $5.85 million. Since then, it’s been converted into a four-floor, single-family home with spacious, sunlit interiors. The home is located in a landmarked district of NYC’s Upper East Side, and even without the green-and-white striped awnings featured in the movie, it’s still pretty epic.

(via Habitually ChicApartment Therapy)

Peter*Ashe Real Estate
Peter*Ashe Real Estate
Peter*Ashe Real Estate
Peter*Ashe Real Estate
Peter*Ashe Real Estate
Peter*Ashe Real Estate
Peter*Ashe Real Estate
Photo: Paramount Pictures / Peter*Ashe Real Estate

How To Create A Halloween Treats Buffet

Halloween is the Superbowl of candies! It’s one holiday that’s built around treats. What better way to enjoy the holiday with kids and adults alike than by creating a special treats buffet!

What you need:

Assorted candies/cookies
Jars, platters or other containers
Signage – black board or printed on paper and framed

Easy peasy:

Serve with a smile! Assorted candies served on a platter create the perfect display and thrill any guest, paranormal or otherwise!

If you can’t make ‘em, buy ‘em! I was too lazy to make homemade Halloween treats. Good thing The Sweet Life by Ange has some clever and cute Halloween Cookie Lollipops and Halloween Bottles with M&Ms! Perf!!!

Blackboard art. A welcome sign for guests makes a Happy Halloween!

I asked my daughter Aryanna to doodle on the framed blackboard and I love what she did! Simple yet spooky!

So, I asked my husband Tom to buy Gummi Worms and he got me slugs instead. He claims he couldn’t find any. Read: He’s too lazy to look for them. Ugh.

What is torture?

That impish smile! Haaaay, Dylan!

Finally, the most important part of putting together a Halloween treats buffet is to have fun!

Halloween is a lighthearted holiday, and we all know candy is always a good idea, so just enjoy it!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in for some Halloween decorating ideas next!

Assorted candies: Rustan’s, Greenbelt 1, Makati City
Halloween Cookies and Halloween Bottles with M&Ms: The Sweet Life by Ange, to order call 09178238198; 8150188
Candles: Locally made candle from Bulacan, available at National Book Store
Framed black board and stand: available at National Book Store

Porch Progress + Vintage Furniture Restoration

The home I grew up in Laguna had a wooden deck in front of the house. My dad designed and helped build it while my mom took the task of decorating it. The perimeter of the balcony had wooden benches and my mom put ample flower boxes where she grew plants and herbs. It was a charming spot to hangout in. Sadly, it was torn down when we decided to renovate our family home as the style was dated and no longer suited our lifestyle. I spent my childhood years hanging out on our deck with friends and family, making beautiful memories together.

The new old house Tom and I have has a porch. It may not be as spacious as the one I grew up in but it has a view of a 50-60 year-old (or maybe older) tree. It’s a nice place to hangout in especially when my husband finally gets around to fixing our lawn (tagal naman, Hun! LOL).

I want our porch to be a relaxing, fun and stylish space. Hopefully, my family and friends will likewise enjoy a place as such just as I did as a child.


The vintage patio furniture is from the 1960′s. The style is classic and the circles details are true to the mod era.

The retro furniture is cool but already rusted. And since we’re not going for the shabby chic look and for safety too (ayaw ng tetanus haha), we decided to have them repaired and restored.


It took two and a half months to restore our vintage outdoor furniture and they were finally delivered last weekend. Woohoo!

To restore the vintage iron chairs and table, we had them sandblasted (I will blog more about this and our supplier too, tune in!) and spray painted.

We also had a new glass top put in for the table.

Tip: I bought seat cushions from SM to avoid pants/jeans rivets and buttons from scratching the seats of our new furniture.

Vignette time!

Tip: For patio tables, always have the three C’s on hand: cactus (or any plant), candle & coasters

The best part about the new patio furniture is having Aperol Spritz during cocktail hour and just chill out.

Tune in for Maison Epperson’s dining room progress and all about how to restore vintage iron furniture!

Have a great week ahead!

Bag Crush: The Row Small Day Luxe Alligator Tote

Whenever I put my son Dylan to bed (around 8pm), I end up falling asleep too. OMG. Kamusta naman Tita? LOL

I wake at the crack of dawn and I have time to spare doing nothing like browsing through the Net. Today’s “wala lang” find is a croc bag courtesy of Ashley Olsen:

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Chic.

Ladies, presenting… The Row Small Day Luxe Alligator Tote in Sapphire color.

With timeless designs that are expertly and meticulously crafted in Italy using only the finest materials, The Row's highly acclaimed handbag collection has created a major stir amongst the fashion set. The sapphire alligator tote perfectly represents the N.Y.C. label's adherence to precision construction. A piece that will transcend the seasons.

Not “Tita” style

Best features: The sapphire color, a detachable strap and two short top handles

The size, color, style, top handles and strap make this bag perfect for day-to-night. Hold it or sling it over the shoulders, it keeps the rest of your look clean and polished to make sure all focus rests on this extraordinary creation.

I just love airport paparazzi shots of celebrities haha!

This gorgeousness though comes with a hefty price tag of €30,745. You read it right. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but, yeah, OA.

Maybe Joanna Preysler sells something similar in her shop. Let’s see.

Good morning!!!

Best & Most Stylish Fan: Dyson Air Multiplier

Electric fans are like shoes; they can make or break the look of ones interior.

Tom and I spent the entire Summer renovating our new old house and refurbishing some of our furniture. We invested a lot of money in creating a safe and stylish abode. The last thing we want to do is get new appliances that will become eyesores in Maison Epperson.

Sadly, electric fans can be the kiss of death for design. But when you live in the tropics or if you have a 20-foot high ceiling and a spacious living area like we do, it’s more practical to have multiple fans than big air conditioning units.

Dyson is a company that understands good design. That’s why their appliances are not only cool looking they are also functional and powerful.

The Dyson Cool is no ordinary fan; instead of using blades to propel air, Dyson uses Air Multiplier technology—air is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project a high-velocity cooling airflow. No blades. No choppy air.

My favorite Dyson Air Multipliers:

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

• 60% quieter than AM02
• Streamlined air channels reduce airflow turbulence, making AM07 60% quieter than its predecessor AM02. Motor noise and vibration have been isolated using a Helmholtz cavity: an acoustically engineered motor casing that reduces noise.
• Sleep timer. Fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours
• Remote control. Choose from 10 precise airflow settings. Curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine.

Reco: This type of fan is perfect for condominiums, offices/cubicles and other small spaces. This type of Air Multiplier is compact and it’s the quietest of all Dyson bladeless fans.

Remote control. Allows 10 precise airflow settings, oscillation control and sleep timer. Fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

For extra convenience, the remote is curved and magnetized to store neatly on top the machine.

Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan

Like all Dyson fans, AM08 has patented Air Multiplier technology for powerful airflow projection. Air is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project a powerful, cooling flow of high-velocity air. And with no blades, the airflow is smooth.

• AM08 is 35% quieter than its predecessor AM03. Streamlined air channels reduce airflow turbulence so that air passes through the machine more quietly and with greater efficiency. It also has an acoustically engineered motor bucket to reduce vibration and therefore noise.
• Energy efficiency has also been improved. With smoother airflow through the machine, the DC motor doesn’t need to work so hard so less energy is required to channel the air for the same performance.
• Energy wastage has been reduced with the addition of a sleep-timer – enabling you to set exactly when you want the Dyson Cool to be working.
• The fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. AM08 comes with a remote control providing 10 precise airflow settings – as well as one touch oscillation control for smoother oscillation.
• Safe & easy to clean. With no fast-spinning blades and no awkward safety grilles, AM08 can be cleaned with a single wipe of a cloth.

Reco: Best for living rooms and other spacious places, this particular style is more versatile as the head tilts and oscillates.

The coolest remote control ever.

Dylan: "Look ma, no blades!"

Since Dyson Air Multipliers are bladeless, they are safe for children. Dyson fans don’t have any fast-spinning blades so nothing (and no one) gets caught in the fan as shown above by my very spirited son Dylan. LOL

Warning: The Dyson Air Multiplier is so quiet, you will most likely forget to turn it off when you leave the room. I don’t know how many times this has happened to my family and me haha! Must remember to use the timer.

Why Dyson? I know what you’re thinking, why spend money on Dyson Air Multipliers? My thinking is, if you’ve already invested in creating a stylish home, appliances like these are worth buying to complete the look of your space.

Best part: Dyson also gives customers a two-year warranty for parts and services. So. Cool.

Good news:

From @dysonphilippines Instagram: Start stocking up on your Christmas gift list and get up to Php 4,000 OFF on selected Dyson machines. #dysonph #dysonphilippines

Shoppingero/Shoppinera, shop Dyson now!

Find out more about Dyson on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dysonphilippines; visit www.dyson.ph

Check out the Dyson showrooms at the following malls:

Century City Mall (Concept Store), Level 3, Century City, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Brgy. Poblacion Makati City; +632 4036011
Rustan’s Makati, Level 4, Rustan’s, Ayala Center, Ayala Avenue Makati City; +632 8133739
Rustan’s Shangri-La, Level 3, Mandaluyong City; +632 6334636
Robinson’s Appliances Magnolia, Lower Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila Quezon City; +632 4706993
SM Appliance Center, Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Rockwell Drive cor. Estrella Street, Makati City; +632 8981517
SM Appliance Center, Lower Ground Floor, SM Megamall Bldg. B, J. Vargas Ave, cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City; +632 6335073
Duty Free Fiesta Mall, NAIA Road, Paranaque City; +632 5524337

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