How I Lost 17 Pounds

If you’re following me on Twitter you would remember that I tweeted in November last year that lost 17 pounds. As in 17 real pounds!

The million dollar question is: How?

Answer: Dr.Z and Dr. Aivee Teo’s H2 Diet. It works! This particular diet curved my appetite while giving me enough energy to work, play with my kids, and take the stairs! But I’m getting ahead of myself here, first things first, why did I have to diet?

Dynamic duo: Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo

Ever since I gave birth to Dylan two years ago, it has been harder for me to lose the post pregnancy weight. I believe it’s because of age and the lack of activity. Even though I’m very busy, the majority of my work involves a lot meetings, working in front of the computer, and sitting in the studio — my semi-sedentary life has finally caught up with me.

My dilemma: I usually work 15 to 18 hours a day, sometimes more, that I don’t have the energy to exercise by the time I finish work. I eat to combat being sleepy especially when styling for a TV commercial.

Clockwise: With Cosplay Queen Alodia during a print shoot; Cristine Reyes and me at a TVC shoot; With my love Luis Manzano in the studio for a TVC shoot; On location shooting a TVC where there's a lot of waiting and sitting around.

I know what health buffs are thinking: if I make time between shoots, I can exercise. Uhm, first of all, I don’t see myself busting out the TRX straps and working out during breaks in the studio — that’s just weird. Haha!

Although I am all for living a balanced and healthy life, for now, I’d rather spend my free time with both my kids than rushing to the nearest gym. It’s what works for me. My choice. My life.

Wouldn't miss this for the world! Volleyball at the park with the family.

I still get a bit of exercise whenever I play volleyball with Aryanna at the park.

That being said, I needed a weight-loss plan that works with my schedule. Something that would give me more energy to spend time with my family, curve my appetite while maintaining my sanity.

Playtime. I used be a varsity volleyball player in high school. Aryanna just made it this year to varsity too!

I’ve heard about Dr. Aivee Teo’s H2 Diet from my friends Mons Romulo, Jing Monis, and Robby Carmona. After talking to them I was convinced that it was worth a try.

I immediately booked an appointment with Dr. Aivee Teo.

Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo is a board certified dermatologist with a special interest in cosmetic laser and aesthetic surgery. Upon graduating from UST, she finished her 3 year residency programme in dermatology graduating at the top of her class. She went for further training in Louisville, Kentuky (USA), Ramathibodi hospital in Bangkok and was awarded a prestigious scholarship award to train in the famous National Skin Center of Singapore. Dr. Aivee also attends international conferences around the world every year to update her knowledge on the latest in the ever evolving field of cosmetic dermatology. Her special interest lies in the field of non-invasive aesthetic medicine and is highly sought after for her unique management of skin problems, weight loss programmes and the latest in non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Dr. Aivee is married to Singaporean doctor, Dr. Z Teo and is a doting mother to her 3 year-old son, Ken-Z.

Welcome to Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo’s clinic!

Lovely decor and unlimited iced tea!

The beautiful French-inspired reception of Dr. Aivee's clinic. I love this place!

After the consultation and some tests, I was told I was a candidate for the H2 Diet. Yay!

The H2 Diet: It consists of injections and a meal plan (optional). I know what you’re thinking: “INJECTIONS???!!!” Don’t worry, the needle is so tiny, you’ll hardly feel it. If you have a low threshold for pain, you can opt for some anesthesia to mix with the H2 cocktail for a painless injection.

The injections can be done in Dr. Aivee's clinic or you can bring them home. I opted to do mine at home instead of going to the clinic everyday. I just kept the injection in the fridge.

I have a pretty high threshold for pain but just to be sure, I opted for anesthesia.

This is how you do it: You inject it slowly in the “fattiest” part of your tummy first thing in the morning. Then you can start with your breakfast. It’s important that for the weight-loss to be successful, you MUST follow the meal plan or if you can cook, prepare meals that totals 500 calories (that’s for the whole day).

No worries: Some of you are probably wondering, what if there’s air caught in the injection? Will that kill me? Uhm, I think that can only happen if you’re injecting through your veins. Since you’ll be injecting in the fat, it’s safe.

You mix the H2 with the anesthesia before injecting.

The Aivee Meal Plan by Florabel: 3 sets of meals plus light snacks will be delivered to your home.

Dr. Aivee Diet by Florabel

My verdict: The H2 injections really curved my food cravings. I was able to survive the day eating 500 calories because of it. Without the H2 injections, I would’ve been a grumpy woman. The only problem was, I missed chewing actual food. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I felt that I had to gnaw on something… like potato chips… or KFC Hot & Crispy Chicken. Haha! I didn’t!

The awesome part of injecting the H2 cocktail was that I had energy to survive the 500-calorie diet and I didn’t have any headaches or felt irritable, which can happen when you’re eating like a bird. None of those! In fact, I felt great with energy but not hyper or with heart palpitations.

Confession: The first week was hell. Not because I was craving for food, but because I missed chewing. After a week of sticking to my diet, I went to McDo drive-thru and had a Fish Fillet burger. In other words, I craaaaaacked! Haay! Sorry Doc!

McDonald's Fish Fillet Sandwich

I didn’t tell Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee about “cheating” but the scale said it all. Sigh.

My weigh-in: The first week that I was on the H2 Diet, I lost 5lbs. Wow! The 2nd week, after cheating on my diet, I only lost 1.5 lbs. Ugh. The 3rd week was more depressing because I only lost 1/2 lbs. I mean, only HALF A POUND? After all that work? Argh.

I aired my frustration to Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee about it and they explained to me that sometimes, women take more time in losing the weight compared to men. I remembered my friends, Jing and Robby losing 15 lbs. in only two weeks! So unfair! Haha!

Success: Anyway, they suggested that I go for the 40 day diet. And so I did. This time, I was flawless. My tummy already got used to the small portion meals and I didn’t need to cheat on my diet anymore. The next two weeks were major — I lost a total of 10 lbs!

All in all, I lost 17 real pounds and my eating habits (portion control) have drastically changed. I don’t feel the need to stuff myself full.

Ask any of my friends and those who attended my book launch and they will tell you I was skinny!

H2 “ambassador”: I totally recommend Dr. Aivee Teo’s H2 Diet to those who are in the same boat as I am. I know how it is to work long hours and the last thing you want to do is pick-up a barbell. Not now.

Since my last weigh-in, I gained a few pounds and I’m ready for another round in time for summer!

Thanks to Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee, I might just fit into my Charina Sarte swimsuit!

For more information, visit!

From Dr. Aivee’s blog:

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone that Dr Simeons discovered in pregnant women. While observing healthy women during their pregnancy, he noticed that as soon as the child was born, the health of the mother began to deteriorate. There had to be a reason and this is when HCG was discovered. This naturally occurring hormone is created by the body to nourish and protect the fetus by taking the stored fat reserves and changing to nutrition for the placenta. If this new discovery could actually drain fat cells and transform to positive natural energy, it might actually help people with obesity.

There are three different types of fat found in the body. Structural fat is found nestled between the skin and organs and is necessary as a protective layer. Normal reserve fat is the layer that supplies the body with energy when calorie intake is too low. The abnormal fat is what forms as extra fat in hips, waist, thighs and buttocks and is not used for anything. This is the only fat that is consumed by HCG. Many ask why a low calorie diet would not lead to the same results. The facts are simple. By starving your body of protein and vitamins, it will take whatever is needed from any type of fat, including structural and normal reserve fats. This is why once you stop a low calorie diet, not only are lean muscles destroyed but the weight comes back with a vengeance as abnormal fat. Nothing was really accomplished except for redistributing the fat.

Enter H2 – The H2 Program ( 2nd Generation modified HCG) consists of 20-40 Daily H2 injections with The Aivee Diet and is divided into three different phases.

Phase 1 consists of building up your fat reserves by eating as much as you like for two days while beginning the administration of the H2 injection : Day 1- 2 ( H2 injection for day 1 and day 2 while eating as much as one can for the first 2 days)

Phase 2 For the next 20 to 40 days ( day 3- day 20 or day 40), the Aivee diet is followed while taking the H2 injections daily.

Phase 3 is the maintenance part of the diet and a new way of living. Eat normally but try to limit starches and sugar.

The reason for Phase 1 is to get the H2 circulating in the body before the regiment begins. After two days, the brain will have had ample time to know that the release of fat is to start. Adding to the fat reserves during this period is crucial by signaling the HCG of what process needs to be addressed. As you enter into Phase 2 of the program, an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day will be seen. Going into Phase 3, continue on the Aivee diet for two days to allow the HCG to completely leave your system. No more treatments will then be needed and normal diet ( minus carbohydrates and sugars) will be resumed.

The H2 program can be repeated after 6 weeks if more weight loss is desired and it is applicable to both men and women.

Our H2 injections differ from other HCG injections in that it is modified to give a more consistent weight loss throughout the days of the program and also minimize the hunger pangs that one may get with the low calorie Aivee diet. Our H2 patients are generally energetic and do not feel deprived of food during the program. Each daily injection is performed by our doctor or our registered Nurse and the Aivee Diet is prepared by celebrity chef, Florabel.

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