Unfussy Floral Arrangements

One of my greatest pleasures is buying fresh flowers in the market. I believe that floral arrangements bring a positive vibe and general well-being at home. Although, shopping for fresh flowers every week can put a dent on the budget especially in the tropics where the weather is hot and the blooms wilt quickly.

One way to save on floral arrangements is by using assorted foliage, berries, air plants and dried flowers as they have longer vase life than fresh flowers.

From Market to Maison Epperson

Last Saturday, I challenged myself to look for blooms and plants in Saturday Salcedo Market that would last. I’m happy to report that I did quite well, if I may say so myself.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

Here are easy floral arrangements for all of your year-round styling needs:

Prep work:

Cut/trim your foliage to fit the vase. If dirty, wash leaves and flowers in a basin of clean water with a few drops of household bleach (I use Zonrox).

Tip: Put 2-5 drops of bleach in the water in the vase to slow fungi and bacteria growth that causes murky and smelly water. Change the water every two days.

Foliage and Flowers

Foliage and berries combined with floral arrangement is chic. When the leaves are grouped together it creates an effortlessly elegant look.

Golden Hypericum Berries and leaves

Rice flowers

Tip: Remove all leaves from the stems below the water level as it will quickly deteriorate and promote mold.

Cool idea: Add pebbles or stones to the vase for decoration and it’s also a quick fix when you’ve cut the stems too short. Tsk, tsk, Jenni!

Hypericum Berries

Just like my favorite Baby’s Breath flowers, Hypericum Berries are often used as fillers for floral arrangements. I like using them as centerpieces. They are inexpensive and chic when bunched together.

I used my antique pewter pitcher to achieve an organic yet intentional arrangement. I love the contrast of the silver with the raw leaves and berries.

A nod to 'Downton Abbey'!

The Hypericum Berry has an earthy smell which my husband Tom loves.

Air Plants

My best buys from Saturday Salcedo Market are the air plants! I never knew about them until now and they have become my favorites!

Tillandsia in a tea cup for Aryanna's room.

No need to put them in water or soil. Just place them in any vessel or hang them. They only need to be sprayed with water every two weeks. Super low maintenance! Panalo!

Air Plants come in many varieties, all of which gather nutrients from air, water, and sunlight, with roots that serve the sole purpose of attaching them to any surface.

They grow year-round indoors

I also got some mature Air Plants on drift wood. They look amazing as centerpiece with taper candles and holders.

The Air Plant is secured to the drift wood with nylon strings. Eventually, the roots will attach themselves to the wood.

You can also arrange them in a jar (uncovered) or bowl like a terrarium. Pramis, hindi sila malalanta agad, agad!

 Statice Flowers

Statice flowers are popularly used in dried flower arrangements. They maintain their violet color for a very long time. I bought these flowers last February and they still look gorgeous!

No water needed.

Dried Hydrangeas

My friend gifted me a bouquet of dried hydrangeas last March and they still look great to this day!

I don’t know where to buy dried hydrangeas but there are a lot of sites that teaches you how to. Just Google it.

I placed my dried hydrangeas in a silver champagne bucket to welcome guests in Maison Epperson!

Most of the flowers, berries and foliage I used are easy to find. They are readily available at your local flower market. Try using them to decorate your home and save a bundle!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, how much money are you willing to spend for flowers?

Flowers from Market to Maison Epperson

It’s so hot in the city. Everyday, I feel as if I’m marinating in my own sweat. I know. Ew. I try to do everything to cool me and my home down: hydrate, shower 5x a day, electric fan to the max and decorate Maison Epperson with fresh flowers.

I look forward to Saturdays so that I can buy fresh flowers at the local market.

Shopping for food and flowers at Saturday Salcedo Market

How shall we arrange these blooms?

From left: Cristalle de Champagne vase, silver Mint Julep cups, glass cylinder vase, crystal trumpet vase

Personally, I like simple and mono-floral arrangements (only one type of flower). I find that this type of arrangement gives a clean and classic look. It’s also super easy to do!

I used some of my favorites vases like the Mint Julep cups and tall crystal and glass containers.

Easy mono-floral arrangements:

Custom flower arrangements can cost you, but with a little know-how and practice, you can make your own beautiful centerpieces at home or for the office.

Step 1: To create a full, abundant arrangement, gather a large bunch of one type of flower in a single color.

Step 2: Using a florist’s knife, pruning shears or any kitchen knife, cut the stems according to the height of the vase.

Step 3: Secure the stems of the flowers using a clear or green rubber band (sorry, I ran out of clear and green ones so keri na ang blue! Haha).

Tip: Remove lower leaves from the stem so there won’t be any in the water.

Step 4: Add 1/4 teaspoon of household bleach (I used Zonrox) per quart of water to keep water clear. For small vases, two drops of bleach are enough. Change the solution every two days.

Tip: Don’t use aspirin or vinegar in vase solutions; they are rarely effective in increasing vase life of flowers.

I’m amazed by how much impact a simple bar cart can have on a space. I use my Mint Julep cups both for cocktails and flower vase; I just make sure they get washed well after putting bleach in it.

Party ready!

Diminutive red roses pack a pretty punch in a compact Mint Julep cup.

Tip: Place floral arrangements in a cool area overnight if you can.

Lakas lang maka-fresh ng white blooms sa balur!

My lovely mono-floral arrangement with the annoying blue rubber band.

Tom gave me this crystal vase when we were still going out. It’s my favorite vase for obvious reasons. I like how it makes the simplest long-stemmed flowers look so elegant. Oh, I eventually changed the blue rubber band to green.

For the Sunshine in my life! A pop of yellow flowers for Aryanna’s bedroom.

A great way to freshen up any space is to decorate it with floral arrangements.

Shoppingera, see you at the flower market!

Stress-Free Floral Arrangements

Buying flowers can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a garden filled with fresh blooms. What kind of flowers to buy? How much blooms are needed? How the hell does one arrange them in a flower vase? What kind of flower vase???

When it comes to arranging flowers and home decorating, I believed that you don’t have to be an expert to create a beautiful and happy home. Buy what you like… In the end it will all work beautifully.

I love decorating “Maison Epperson” with fresh flowers. Here are some of my favorite floral arrangements I do at home:

I find anthuriums or “Flamingo Flowers” sexy and elegant.

Using a large column vase, I basically just wacked the flowers and the leaves that the flower vendor arranged ... Et viola!

Anthuriums come in different colors. I prefer the deep red variety — they look more elegant than the pink ones.

There is something phallic about the shape, noh? Or is it just me? Haha!

These orange blooms (God! Help me! What kind of flower is this???) are beautiful! The stems remind me of long-legged models! Haha!

A tall vase is necessary for long-stemmed fresh flowers. This kind of floral arrangement gives scale to the room/coffee table.

 ”Orange is the most controversial of colours. Many consider it to be the gauche legacy of the freewheeling ’70s. But what an unfair reputation that decade has! To me, the ’70s were when the counterculture became the popular culture — and when adults finally felt liberated to embrace immaturity. You could be young again without having to be innocent! Orange shouted out to the world that you didn’t take things too seriously: that you weren’t old and crusty, that you were not your parents, and that you didn’t have a living room full of plastic-covered furniture. Rather, your furniture was made of plastic — and it was probably designed by Verner Panton.

Diss orange at your own expense. Orange says, “I’m fun!” Use it to draw out your inner child: grab a Fanta and an orange Tootsie Pop and feel your Happy Chic life expand.” ~Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors

What kind of flower are you? Iris?

Monochromatic hues are chic.

Malaysian Mumps are affordable and beautiful flowers.

I should have cut the stems two more inches... Keribels!

All green is in!

Single variety flowers are easy to arrange.

More Malaysian Mumps for Aryanna’s room

Minimum effort, maximum impact!

A few months ago, the folks at Samsung gifted me a fruit arrangement that came in a pink ceramic pitcher. I kept it and reused it as a vase for my daughter’s room.

Pink much?

Small but terrific!

I prefer miniature floral arrangements for the dining table. They allow the guests to view and converse with each other across the table.

These multicolored Malaysian Mumps are almost two weeks old so some of them are ready to retire. LOL

Tip: Miniature flower arrangements are appropriate for the office. Brighten your desk/cubicle with a bunch of fresh cut flowers and arrange them in a teacup, coffee mug or an empty jar.

Lanta na. Oh well, you get the picture.

I wish I had a backyard so I could plant flowers, vegetables, and grow an herb garden… Maybe someday. For now, I buy my favorite flowers at the grocery and at Saturday Salcedo Market because of convenience plus, the florists/sales clerks give me tips on how to make them last. I don’t know much about what kind of flower arrangement goes with what vase but I do know that fresh flowers add beauty to the home.

Tip: According to one of the florists in the grocery, for fresh cut flowers to stay fresh longer, add a 1/4 tsp. of bleach per 1 liter of water to keep the water from getting cloudy and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Shoppingera, what are your favorite fresh flowers?

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