Unfussy Floral Arrangements

7:52 pm 2 Comments

One of my greatest pleasures is buying fresh flowers in the market. I believe that floral arrangements bring a positive vibe and general well-being at home. Although, shopping for fresh flowers every week can put a dent on the budget especially in the tropics where the weather is hot and… Read More

Flowers from Market to Maison Epperson

4:24 pm 5 Comments

It's so hot in the city. Everyday, I feel as if I'm marinating in my own sweat. I know. Ew. I try to do everything to cool me and my home down: hydrate, shower 5x a day, electric fan to the max and decorate Maison Epperson with fresh flowers. I… Read More

Stress-Free Floral Arrangements

3:44 pm 0 Comments

Buying flowers can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a garden filled with fresh blooms. What kind of flowers to buy? How much blooms are needed? How the hell does one arrange them in a flower vase? What kind of flower vase??? When it comes to arranging flowers… Read More