floral arrangements

Easy & Long Life Foliage Arrangements

3:50 pm 2 Comments

Decorating with leaves, bamboo sticks and long lasting flowers are perfect for the schizo weather we're experiencing. Hold off buying fresh cut flowers until the weather is cooler. The heat in the city shortens the vase life of flowers. But don't feel you should have to live without flowers in your… Read More

Unfussy Floral Arrangements

7:52 pm 2 Comments

One of my greatest pleasures is buying fresh flowers in the market. I believe that floral arrangements bring a positive vibe and general well-being at home. Although, shopping for fresh flowers every week can put a dent on the budget especially in the tropics where the weather is hot and… Read More

Wake Up and Smell the Hotel Flowers

11:04 am 1 Comment

A pop of color, a whiff of sweet scent and a statement in a vase create a beautiful difference in your home. Start by getting inspiration from the flower arrangements that you see around you. Recently, I got my muse from Solaire Resort & Casino's use of assorted flower bouquets… Read More

Flowers from Market to Maison Epperson

4:24 pm 5 Comments

It's so hot in the city. Everyday, I feel as if I'm marinating in my own sweat. I know. Ew. I try to do everything to cool me and my home down: hydrate, shower 5x a day, electric fan to the max and decorate Maison Epperson with fresh flowers. I… Read More

Stress-Free Floral Arrangements

3:44 pm 0 Comments

Buying flowers can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a garden filled with fresh blooms. What kind of flowers to buy? How much blooms are needed? How the hell does one arrange them in a flower vase? What kind of flower vase??? When it comes to arranging flowers… Read More