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New: The Aivee Clinic Opens in Alabang

10:52 am 1 Comment

First of all, congratulations to Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo on the opening of their latest clinic in Alabang! Folks in the South are lucky to have a world-class beauty facility in their neighborhood! The Alabang clinic upholds four pillars of The Aivee Group, staying true to being a… Read More

Slimming Tea

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Who here has gained a few pounds during their vacay? Raise your legs... If you want to jumpstart your weight loss regimen, have tea... Dr. Aivee Teo's Slimming Tea that is. According to Dr. Aivee, the Slimming Tea is made from green tea, senna leaves, licorice roots, and lemon. She… Read More

How I Lost 17 Pounds

12:00 pm 5 Comments

If you're following me on Twitter you would remember that I tweeted in November last year that lost 17 pounds. As in 17 real pounds! The million dollar question is: How? Answer: Dr.Z and Dr. Aivee Teo's H2 Diet. It works! This particular diet curved my appetite while giving me… Read More