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When it come to our home, comfort and safety are the most important things, and all these are possible to attain when we secure our premises. And when my family and I looked at the options available around us, we decided to go with an automatic gate.

Thanks to Instagram, we discovered SmartMove!

Just few years ago, the automatic gates for the driveways were only meant for the rich people, but now that concept has changed a lot thanks to SmartMove’s innovative products. Their automatic gates are available in all the different budgets. Along with the preferred budget, you can also choose the design, styles and the material that are best suited for your homes or commercial properties.

In this photo, Aryanna and I are scrolling through the SmartMove website and getting inspired by their designs.

SmartMove caters to the modern-day client’s automatic gate, security, bespoke fabrication and construction requirements. Our effectiveness in the field of project management and the constant pursuit for customer satisfaction are our main strengths that enable us to be reliable, timely, quality-oriented, and most of all, passionate about who we are, what we do, and where we are in our industry.

According to Nico Suanmonthira General Manager of SmartMove, “Our vision is to be the industry’s standard when it comes to quality, service & customer satisfaction. It is our belief that despite the ever-changing market, we will continue to solidify our place as the leading service provider in the Philippines by delivering on our promises one project at a time.”

Want to see our newly installed SmartMove automatic gate? Watch this video:


What I love about SmartMove: 
• 20 years experience in the security & automation industry.
• The leading name in service because all our systems installed since 2009
are still in good running condition.
• Top choice amongst high-end developments for fabrication
• An established in-house team of professionals who conduct all the

Unparalleled technology:
• The product line consists of up-to-date technology with features exclusively available to SmartMove.
• In-house fabrication is unparalleled in quality, durability and innovation.
• One-stop-shop for all your security and automation requirements.
• FREE CONSULTATION to ensure the smooth flow from
conceptualization to execution.

Great service & features:
• The fastest service response time in cases of operation failure.
• AC Systems with extreme performance & DC Systems with back-up
batteries that can work even during power failures.
• Automatic Gate suitable accessories & features specifically developed
for the Philippine market.
• Complete spare parts in unison with our long-term commitment of
supporting all our clients

Benefits of having installing SmartMove automatic gates:

• For convenience, SmartMove automatic gates are controlled by a remote control or a wireless push button which will provide ease in entry and exit eliminating the need to go down from your car (especially during late night or rainy days) or even the need to call your helper. The gate open-and-close average speed is 15 seconds which can be programmable to your requirement. The remote can also be operated as far as 60-80 meters away from the gate.

• When you choose SmartMove, you will definitely be smarter because you have an option to call your gate. Once the gate received your call, it will just drop your call and open on its own. Therefore, you will not incur any expense for the call but you just need to maintain a 10-peso load to avoid expiration. This maintaining load is also needed when you left your gate open because the gate will call you to remind that you need to close it.

• For added security, it comes with a sensor which when a person, animal or object is blocking the gate, it will automatically stop and reverse operation. It also comes with a lamp as indication that the gate is properly working and moving.

• In case of power interruptions, your gate has a 12V back-up battery similar to emergency lights which will kick-in during brown-outs. The back-up battery will last at most 3 days depending on usage. After which, there is also a manual override which you can perform to disengage the system from the gate and use it manually.

• You also do not have to worry about the electric energy consumption because SmartMove automatic gates are only running on 12 volts.

• SmartMove also provides a 12-month warranty and lifetime support for after sales service.

Products & Services:
Types of Gate Automation
• Swing In or Out Gate Automation – the conventional choice for most homes
Watch the sample videos here.
• Bi-Folding Gate Automation – Short set-backs but want a wide clearance gate? Then this is the solution for you. Choose a 2-panel or 4-panel folding gate to fit your requirement.
Sample Videos here.
• Single or Double Sliding Gate Automation – Enter your home with no obstructions and maximum ease. • • Let the gate slide and create maximum clearance.
Sample Videos here and here.

It sounds a tad dramatic but having an automatic gate is life-changing! Not only does my family feel secure, the convenience and ease of being able to open and close the gate with a touch of a button (or using a phone to call the gate—WOW!) is empowering!

Get a FREE consultation with SmartMove and experience security and comfort at its best!

SmartMove contact info:

Landline: (02) 802 5296 , (02) 734 0628
Mobile: (0917) 8852288 , (0998) 9588522 , (0977) 8414779 E-mail Address:
Facebook link: Instagram: @smartmove_ph
Office Warehouse: No. 28 Maremil Subd., Brgy. Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna

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