January 4, 2015

Amazing Readers On Instagram

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Starting my 2015 blog post with Amazing Readers who inspire me:

Thank you @iamrebeccarose for tagging me on both of your IG photos. The Christmas table setting is fab! Like what I always say, when building your “plato-platuhan” collection, do it slowly and beautifully!

Dear @elbadiaries, your photo is so chic. This recipe is one of the easiest and most favorite!

I’ve met so many Amazing Readers during my talks. Em Sulit is one of them. I remember her because during the 2nd Mompreneur Manila Summit she asked me a great question (read below). It’s been almost two years since that talk and I was delighted with her latest Instagram post:

From: @emmsulit

“NEW BLOG UP: “You cannot and will not develop your own voice when you keep on listening to other voices. Stay true to who you are. Start now! Create your own dream!” – By: @jenniepperson www.icecreamandchocolates.com #HappyMorselsForInspiredEverydays”


3/365: Happy Morsels For Inspired Everydays | Finding Your Voice

Posted on by icecreamandchocolates


“You cannot and will not develop your own voice when you keep on listening to other voices. Stay true to who you are. Start now! Create your own dream!” – Jenni Epperson

Last 2013, I attended the Mompreneur Summit, organized by Ms. Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo. One of the speakers was Jenni Epperson.

1237677_241025352713056_1561528875_nPhoto by: Mompreneur Manila

Jenni is one of the top bloggers in our country. Her talk was very inspirational and she changed my perception about bloggers. After her talk I asked her how she mustered the courage to blog considering all the noise and clutter in the Internet. And how she managed to stand out from the rest.


Photo by: Mompreneur Manila


Sidenote: Yes. Even back then, as a Mompreneur, I’m already bringing my baby to events :)

Photo by: Mompreneur Manila

Her answer started with a story, about how her husband Tom advised her, not to force herself into a group that does not seem to want her. To walk her own walk and to use her own voice. Thus to answer my question, her advise were the following:

1) Just START. “You cannot go anywhere without starting, so take that first step and just start.” And this is true and applicable to everything we want to achieve in life.

2) Look at inspirational blogs whom you want to emulate. Take note of “emulate” not “copy.” If it’s not about writing or blogging, find what drives you, what inspires you. Look for pegs. Look for role models.

3) Then just keep on writing until you become good at it. “Practice, practice and more practice makes perfect.” 

4) Somewhere along your journey, if you are consistent on it, you will find your voice. And if you are truthful and speak from the heart, your very own unique voice will show. People will see it. And people will appreciate it. Authenticity, consistency, truthfulness and heart are the key.

Those are my key takeaways from her talk that day. I mustered the courage to start blogging because of that. So cheers to people who inspires us, in one way or another – big or small. Hopefully my blog will one day inspire and help someone in the future too.

If you are reading this, feel free to repost or share with anyone whom you think might need to read one or more of the items here. Let’s help each other have #HappyMorselsForInspiredEverydays

Thank you Amazing Readers for always tagging me on Instagram with your lovely photos and meaningful messages. I am grateful for all of you. If I missed out on your picture, please tag me again. I would love to post them here on the blog.

It’s Monday, people. Time to get started!

Jenni Epperson

August 19, 2014

Amazing Readers: More Teacup Cake Fans

Aryanna’s 70-Second Microwave Teacup Cake recipe keeps on raking in fans:

From @danielisbored IG account:

“Chocolate overload! Good morning!”

Thank you Daniel for this sosy vignette! Love the blue & white plato-platuhan!

From @dada.reyes IG account:

“70-second microwave teacup cake with nutella and chocolate chip cookies + add your favorite vanilla ice cream = instant dessert on a tiring Monday night.”

Like what I mentioned before, the best thing about sharing my recipes to my Amazing Readers is that they make it their own! Looooove ice cream with this Teacup Cake! Thanks, Dada!

Watch out for another easy peasy Teacup Cake recipe!

Keep your photos coming and tag om on my social media accounts: @jenniepperson.

Jenni Epperson

August 9, 2014

Amazing Readers: Teacup Cake Fans

I get a kick out of my amazing readers every time they try my recipes!

This time, Aryanna’s 70-Second Microwave Teacup Cake dessert gets some lovin’ from some of my IG followers:

From @ianaperalta:

Woohoo! Love the food shot, @ianaperalta! The white ramekin looks chic. I think it’s great that you personalized your recipe by adding Choc•Nut! Brilliant. I suggest adding Nutella or peanut butter next time to serve as the teacup cake’s frosting plus it makes the whole dessert gooey.

From @mcvien96:

This is why I love sharing my recipes—for your loved ones to enjoy! Extra points to @mcvien96 for adding marshmallows and colorful M&M’s to the recipe. Try topping it with vanilla ice cream next time and let me know if you like it.

Thanks guys for tagging me on IG. Keep them coming!

Jenni Epperson

July 9, 2014

“3 Important Life Lessons Jenni Epperson Taught Me”

Kamusta naman ang pasabog title na ito?!!

Last year, Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo invited me to be one of the guest speakers for their 2nd Mompreneur Summit to talk about Harnessing Passion Towards Success.

It was one of the most heartwarming talks I’ve given since I was talking to mothers like me. My favorite part when giving talks is the Q & A portion. It’s always insightful and fun!

The beautiful and talented Shaan Bermudez-Hizon was the host. She’s such a pro!

On this cool, rainy day, this blog post by Mark Delgado warms my heart:

3 Important Life Lessons Jenni Epperson Taught Me By: Mark Delgado


When Jenni Epperson walked up the stage, what I saw is a picture of an elegant high-fashion woman who wears a cheetah printed coat, red lipstick and carefully chosen accessories. This woman made it to the top, I said to myself. But when she started talking, Jenni is actually so much more.She was more than what met my eye. She was funny, witty and real. She may be high-fashion, but she’s also very down-to-earth. Her authenticity radiated all over the place and it even occurred to me that this woman is actually famous but that didn’t go to her head. I learned a lot of things from her and I got surprised with myself for taking down notes- something that I don’t usually oblige myself to do unless, something is really really noteworthy. In fact, her talk was noteworthy and this is me sharing to you all the gems that I found during her talk.

1. Self-discovery is a journey. Just like any regular human being, Jenni found herself wanting to “find” herself too. There were just too many things that she wanted to do and one day she just felt confused and lost just like what happened to many of us too. She, then, decided to resolve this by going on top of a hill somewhere in Laguna and, uhm, apparently nothing happened. But for sure, a series of events occurred after that that made her the “Jenni Epperson” that she is now. She told us that knowing one’s self is important. How much do we really know ourselves? If your answer is not so much, it’s alright. What’s important is the willingness to “begin” the journey that entails trying many things along the way until we get there. Success happened to her. It can happen to us too.

2. It’s ok to be passionate about many things. I am one of those people who frowns whenever told “Find your passion and make it your profession.” Problem is I do have a lot of things I am passionate about. I love business, singing, social media and writing. Which one should be my profession? Sometimes I beat myself for liking too many things. I call myself things such as happy-go-lucky, irresponsible and uncommitted. But when I listened to her, I found an ally and she said that it’s alright to like so many things and feel confused at times. The key is to try these things as much as you can. Again, this is a journey and not everyone will figure out their passions early in life. Some will take years to figure it out but the journey counts as much as the destination itself. Jenni also said that she took so many roles too. She became a receptionist, writer and whatnot and she was not ashamed to tell us about all of these things. She also said that trying out different things will help you do a process of elimination. The more that you eliminate, the more that you become aware of the things that you don’t really want until you’re down to the really few things that really speak to your heart.

3. Be your most authentic self. Finding yourself is worth it. One of the benefits of the journey is that you learn to become your most authentic self. At the early stages of our lives, I believe that we don’t have yet or we are not aware yet of our identities. We usually look up to people and then imitate them. We were once superman, spider man and wonder woman. As we go on in years, we learn more about ourselves and Jenni believes that this process is very crucial. The more that we know ourselves, the more we can become authentic. I believe that being authentic and real to ourselves is one of the best gifts that we can offer the world. Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Thank you so much, Jenni.

Oh, Mark! First of all,  I love how my outfit and lipstick made as much impression as my talk to you! Hahahaha! Cheetah print na kung cheetah print! On a serious note, today is one of those days that I got some disappointing news. I spent the last hour sulking but I’m slowly easing away from the negative feelings. I’m motivating myself by blogging regularly again despite the bad news, our house renovation (yes, we’re still at it) and unpacking stress. I’m feeling a bit proud of myself actually.

Sometimes, I have moments of self-doubt especially when negative things happen in my life. I’m only human. According to experts, one way to overcome self-doubt is to listen and/or read positive material on a daily basis. Thank you, Mark for your lovely blog post. I’m feeling so much better.

I realized that the only way to eliminate self-doubt is to nurture self-belief. Kaya… Ako na ang may life lessons! LOL

Shoppingero/shoppingera, how do you overcome self-doubt?

Jenni Epperson

October 3, 2013

Thank You My Dear Readers & ‘Followers’

Welcome to my new and improved website!

It’s that time of the year again when my team, graphic designer Mia de Lara of Mobu Days and web analyst Dart Tiglao get crazy with all my ideas! Haha! We have been tweaking the design of my blog for the past few months and analyzing how to make it better and easier for all of you! The result is a cleaner, simpler and more fun design! Have you seen my category icons? So cute! I lav et!!!

I like the addition of black color combined with the pastels. It’s more ‘me’. We’ve added a ‘Shop’ icon on my homepage too! You can now shop my fashion and home collection for The Ramp Crossings, my book and other collaborations I’m working on with just a click of a button. I might do a ‘Shop Jenni’s Closet’ too. Let’s see.

I also made sure that my you have your own space here on my site. Check out the fab ‘Amazing Readers’ button on the homepage! Yes, that icon is dedicated to all of you!!! VIP levelz kayo sa blog ko!

What better way to re-launch my new site than a blog post on my Amazing Readers and Twitter and Instagram followers!

Thank you @cintaken for tagging me on Instagram with all the tablescape stylings you’ve created using my collection for The Ramp Crossings! Orange you glad?!!

Stylish girls shop my collection! Thank you @nicole_ortega! I’m overjoyed that you also bought stuff for @popsfernandez! Love you, Pops!

@cesdrillon was one of the first ones to shop for my collection for The Ramp Crossings. I’m head over heels! Thanks, Ces!

Your account name speaks volume of your personality @_leisurely_! I must say that shopping is truly one way of relieving stress! Thanks for shopping my collection!

Mabuhay @coleenp of L.A.! I’m so glad your family loved my recipe!

Check out my chic reader @coleenp with her kids! Loving the Hermés Evelyne bag on you! So cool!

You are love @cintaikaren!

Enjoy @jackeelim! Glad you got your copy of my book!

What can I say, @anapecson, coffee and me are the best combo, any time, anywhere? Haha!

Ikaw na ang shoppingero, @ronnicc! Terno na ang tea set natin! Cheers!

Keep cooking, @patricialovess! More recipes to come!

Chia seeds with egg? Why not? Keep reading, @binibiningpili!

Glad you like my recipe, @sunshianne!

I always get kilig whenever my readers cook my recipe and their family loves it too! Try my other recipes too, @lorena5819!

Wow @rizaballs! Your photos are similar to my IG photos! Lave et!!!

I love Mushroom Salpicao! So glad @iAmKristineC likes it too!

You look HOTTT @kakyhere! My ‘Naomi’ glad look fierce on you!

Aww… What an honor when my readers try my looks! So cool @kaijagape!

OMG! I remember this post! Agad-agad outfitey from pretty @yanquinones! Kambal!

I so love it when readers copy my recipe! I should really work on an App for my blog. Thanks, @prettiest!

The fiercest of them all shops my collection too! Thanks to my love @fiercedong! He’s one of my supporters from day one!

Thank you to everyone who tagged me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! I read them all! I will post more of your photos and letters soonest!

Keep on reading my blog!

Jenni Epperson

June 26, 2013

My Amazing Readers and Tweeps

I was dealing with some Internet stress yesterday and it dampened my mood. I figured the best way to shake off bad vibes is to concentrate on the beauty that surrounds me and to be grateful for all the good things and people I have in my life.

It’s been a while since I posted some of my Amazing Readers and Tweeps and I apologize for that. I have hundreds of your wonderful posts, photos and blogs in my Inbox, Favorites and Mentions on Twitter and Instagram and I read every single one of them. It’s just that I’m a one-woman-show and to upload everything on my blog will probably take weeks if not months if I do it alone. Maybe it’s time I hire a team for my growing website. Will see.

Anyhoooooo, today is all about you!

Statice is one of my favorite blooms as they retain their color for months! They are like Everlasting flowers. I’m glad some of my readers have grown (pun intended) to like them too!

Rock stars like Champ read me too! Congrats on your LASIK surgery with American Eye Center! Dr. Alnette Tan is the best!

BOOOOOM! Ang nawawala kong sister! Haha! Straw lang ang katapat! Love this!

Anything healthy-healthyhan maaasahan n’yo blog ko dyan! Well done!

What is spotted? Thanks for this, Xengy!

I’m at The Ramp Crossings 24/7! Haha! Photo op is allowed in my pop-up store!

One of the most respected journalists in the country shopped my collection. What an honor! Thanks, Ms. Ces Drillon! Enjoy your bahay-bahayan stuff!

Tunic love! Thanks for shopping my collection at The Ramp Crossings!

What is ubusan? Thank you, Candy! Sana nagtira ka naman. LOL

Living fiercely and always having fun! Thanks Dong!

My ate Phoemela Baranda in my ‘Naomi” glads and her breakfast in bed set-up. Very, very soft. Ganda. Thanks, ate!

Always creative and fierce, designer Martin Bautista’s chic vignette!

Model and mom Rissa Manaquil-Trillo can do no wrong. Always stylish and super nice! Thanks, Rissssss!

When a fellow stylist buys your collection, it means so much! Great styling job on lovely Carla Avellana! The white dress and my ‘Naomi’ gladiators look chic on her!

Actress Bubbles Paraiso is hottt! You look sizzling in my ‘Naomi’ glds, babe! Thanks for shopping!

One of Manila’s fashion icon and most fun hostess just pimped her crib with my trays and throw pillows! Ab fab!

I’m so glad that my ‘Virginia’ Bar Cart from The Ramp Crossings have been adopted by the stylish set! Designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan’s glamorous vignette at home is gorge!

I’m always proud when I am able to inspire friends like Divine Lee. I love Mother Becky’s vignette at home!

From book, to home to fashion, panalao ka na! Thanks for all the support!

Fashion + Home levelz!!!

My book is in good company. LOVE!

Guys and gays wear me too! Best compliment ever.

You can take the girl out of the party but you can’t take the party out of the girl! Enjoy!

Sa lahat ng mga na-inspire ko mag-luto-lutuan, you guys made me so happy! Cooking is empowering!


Please allow me to gush about people I love who follow me on Twitter. Surreal. Ahhhhhh!

I have no words.

One of my style icons who I also met during her visit in Manila. Love her!!!

One of the coolest families in my book. I love the Novogratz!

We all love The Fancy! They follow me. Fancy that.

Will post more of your lovely blogs, photos and Mentions soon! I really appreciate them! Keep them coming!

Thank you to all my Amazing Readers and Tweeps! Life is definitely more beautiful and fun because of you!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, for more of my Amazing Readers and Tweeps, click here.

If you liked this post, please vote for me as Blogger Phenom of the Year for the Tatt Awards. To vote, click here. Thanks!

Jenni Epperson

October 16, 2012

Cooks I Love

My readers are really the best cooks! I know a lot of you have been inspired by my recipes and I’m head over heels for that! I’m so impressed too with first time cooks who’ve tried my recipes! Kayo na!

Here are some of my favorite cooks in the world:

Dear @RealSupePerry,

In fair, ginutom ako dito sa photo mo! Ikaw na ang kumpetensya ko sa food photography! Haha!

Best complement:

Dear @emileevee,

I hope you enjoyed this recipe with your family! Sana nag-share ka! LOL

Hi @elijah14!

Best in creativity ka! The braised beef combo sounds delish! Thanks for the photo!

Hello @kahrennandrada!

You’re now my favorite too for cooking my recipes! Aminin mo, masarap ‘tong Argentina Corned Beef Lumpia!

Kamusta naman ang gabundok na lumpia? Haha!

Cooking is fun and empowering! Try my recipes now!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, thanks for all your photos! Keep them coming! Tag me on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook! You can also email photos to jenniepperson.com@gmail.com.

Jenni Epperson

September 21, 2012


I rarely go out these days because of work and family. The few times I’ve attended parties and shows, I’ve met a lot of my Amazing Readers and Twitter followers. It’s always heartwarming to meet “Team JENNIration” in person.

To this day, I still get shocked when people want to have their photos taken with me. I feel a bit of a celebrity at times at sa totoo lang, ako ang kinikilig! Haha! Pero ang pinaka-nakakatawa ay etong mga bulaga shots ko! Haaay!!!


Dear Patricia,
Dapat pala parang girlscout ang levelz pag-aalis ako—laging handa! Grabe lang sa candid shot! Todo wave ako dito during Fashion Week at Tina Daniac’s show. Haha!

On the other hand, my daughter Aryanna (in black lace dress beside me) is the composed one in the family. Very lady-like! Peg!

Hi Aries!
Feeling ko, hahabulin lang ako ng plantsa–gusot-gusutan lang ako dito!
Buti ka pa, Aries, planstado ang outfitey at plakado ang luk!

“Mommy Jackie” has been a long time reader of my blog. It’s always a pleasure to bump into her. Speaking of bumps, she has a baby bump in this photo pero, parang mas manas ang fez ko sa kanya! Nanganak ka na ba, Jackie???

Hi Kelly! Met him through mommy Jackie. Parang mag-jowa lang kami dito *kidlat*! LOL

Thanks Warren for this photo! Grabe! Ang tangkad lang ni Aryanna!!!

My gosh, Jen! Guerrilla style shot naman ‘to! Walang briefing!

Super thanks Avon for this photo! This was the first at bonggang-bonggang high-tech talk I’ve ever given!

I gave a talk to hundreds of Avon marketing executives from all over the world through video chat. I had so much fun! Lav et!

This photo was taken during one of my random lunches at Manila Maki. Owner Alain Panlilio caught me in the act—lafez! All I can say is, thank God for giant sunglasses!

Thank you Hola Mitchy for inviting me to do a talk on “Entertaining at Home in Style” during Marriott Manila’s Wedding Expo!

Idol ba? Parang Bong Revilla lang ang peg… Ay “Kap” pala ‘yon. Haha!

Thanks Josh at kinunan mo… ang PAA ko! Next time, baka pwedeng mukha ko naman! LOL

The photos below were taken by Mother Henri Calayag during the 2nd Philippine Fashion Ball at the Peninsula. YStyle Creative Director Celine Lopez was the one who gave me the award for Excellence in Fashion Styling.

It was an honor to be recognized by my peers in the industry. It was also special that Celine gave me the award—I haven’t seen her in ages!

Thanks for these photos, Mother H! We are forever the “Henri Calayag babies”! Love you!

First time I’ve seen this photo of me! This was taken in nineteen kopong-kopong with then blondie Tim Yap. I don’t remember the event but I do remember that the aqua kaftan was a gift from The New Yorker and my Arnel Papa coral lariat. Can you say BONES??? LOL

Thanks Nix for this photo! Sabi ko na, noon ko pa peg ang tunic at kaftan — yung “yamanin” look! Haha!

Thanks for all the bulaga shots! In fair, nakakatawa at nakaka-touch at the same time!

Jenni Epperson

September 19, 2012

Team JENNIration: Luto-Lutuan Portion

I get giddy every time my blog readers post food shots/links that they made inspired by my recipes on Twitter!

Thank you so much for tagging me on Twitter and for all your emails! Please keep them coming so I could blog about them. Your food shots and other photos deserve the best place on my website!

Empowered cooks:

Dear @ClarReal,

Good job on the Argentina Corned Beef Pepper Rice! Kakagutom!

I love that you got creative too on the presentation! Kung walang molding pan, gumawa ng balon! Haha!

Hi Kristine!

The Argentina Corned Beef Mash Patties you made looks better than the one I made! Kumpetensiya!

I hope your office mates loved what you coked. At kung hindi, wag mo na silang dalhan ulit! Haha! Just kidding, sharing is caring!

Dearest @LyStyleProject,

Thanks for the photo! I read your blog:

Beef Bourguignon ala Jenni Epperson!
I’ve been searching for some recipes for beef online then suddenly I thought of Jenni Epperson (award-winning blogger and writer). She has quite a lot of recipes to choose from but her Beef Bourguignon caught my full attention. Oh by the way, try to visit her blog! For sure matatakam at magugutom kaaa! :)
So, here’s my version of Jenni’s Beef Bourguignon! :)
Sorry for my poor plating and I also don’t have a talent for taking good pictures. Anyways, I used sliced onions instead of pearl onions because it’s not available in the market, same with the mushrooms because I used canned. Originally, Jenni’s Beef doesn’t have croutons, pero optional naman. :)
For recipe(s), visit her blog: www.jenniepperson.com
Hope you like it! Bon Appetit!

I thought your plating was very good! I love na may choreography ang mga sahog! Aaaat may croutons pa na naganap! Parang salad lang. Hehe!

Hi “Katey” from Qatar!

Worldwide levelz talaga ang Team JENNIration! Mabuhay Qatar!

Katey blogged:

Jenni Epperson ang Peg

“If you read my earlier post, we need to travel to Souq just to buy Filipino products. And the hassle does not stop there. Believe me…
Let me give you a short background on how I come to know the product. It is because of Ms. Jenni Epperson. I can’t remember how I discover her blog, but what I do know is I admire her. To prove my admiration, I asked my sister to buy me Jenni Epperson Fashion + Food. I was almost begging her to buy me one. Good thing my friend was on vacation so my sister met up with her to give me my “Christmas/Birthday” gift…
Scenario while cooking:
Kate humming…
Friend: Sure ka bang masarap yan? Baka naman hype lang yan sa Pinas.
Kate with a proud voice: For sure masarap to. Di mag eendorse si Jenni Epperson kung di masarap. FANATIC!!!

I’m so happy na umaabot sa Qatar ang Century Tuna products! A for ayffort ka! I’m glad your friend also gifted you my book—she’s a keeper! Thanks “friend”!

Doctors love my recipes too!

Thanks Doc Harry for this photo! Keep on cooking and I hope you never get sick (no pun intended) of my recipes!

Wow @patricialovess!

Your food looks delish! I hope you had a fun and meaningful Independence Day! Kitang-kita sa luto-lutuan mo na very independent ka rin sa kusina!

Hi @IAmKristineC!

Palong-palo talaga ‘tong Mushroom Salpicao recipe ko.

Thanks for the photo! Excuse me, I need to cook this again.

Ayan! Sabi ko na, talagang popular etong recipe na ‘to, na-Pinterest pa ang photo ko ng Mushroom Salpicao!

Thanks Pearl for crediting my website! Mwah!

Wow! Blast from the past etong Century Chili Corned Tuna Ouffes En Cocotte recipe na ‘to! Here’s the recipe from my previous blog, click here.

Thanks @rcgtoc! You may want to try using Argentina Corned Beef too for this egg dish. Mmm…

Hello @Mom-Friday!

Your food shot makes me want to cook this pasta again!

I love caviarrr! I’m glad you liked my recipe too! Bet mo na rin ba ang caviar?

Again, thanks so much for all the food shots! Ang gagaling n’yo ng cooks! Todo n’yo lang ang effort sa kusina mas sasarap pa ang foodam n’yo!

Keep your photos coming and tag me on Twitter or Instagram or email them to me at jenniepperson.com@gmail.com!

Jenni Epperson

September 11, 2012

‘Fashion + Food’ Lovers

Kitang-kita ko ang ebidensiya na sumugod kayo sa bookstore at nakipagagawan para bumili ng libro ko! Hahahaha! Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tweets, Twitpic, Lockerz and Instagram photos of my book! I will post more of your photos soon! Tune in!

If you want to see more of my amazing ‘Fashion + Food’ lovers, click here.

Thanks to everyone who bought my book ‘Fashion + Food: Entertaining at Home in Style’! To those who haven’t gotten their copy yet, you can still buy it at National Book Store, Powerbooks and online.

My lovers:

Dear Tina,

Ang ganda naman ng layout ng Instagram ng book ko! Hope you have your tea party soon! Just use my book as guide— I have super yummy and easy recipes and inspiring tablescape ideas!

Hi Joi! Thanks for buying my book!

Raymond naman… Kailangan gumamit ng flash next time, OK? Nagdilim lang ang paningin ko sa picture mo. Haha!

Mabuhay Jakarta! Thanks Amory at napadpad dyan ang book ko! International levelz na!

Hope the my pork chop recipe was a hit!

Dear Zigrid,

I’m glad you learned a lot from my book. I’m so happy! Hindi naman sa nagbubuhat ako ng sarili kong bangko pero… MUST-HAVE talaga yang book ko! Hahahaha!!!

Ayos, katabi ng libro ko si “Shopaholics” Sophie Kinsella! Love her books too!

Hi Mini!

I will always cherish our photo.  I remember that you came all the way from Bulacan (or was it Valenzuela?) and it was also your birthday when I met you at Podium during my Fashion + Food talk. Your story was heartwarming. I super appreciate your gesture!

I also remember you had your friend Joji’s (from Alaska) book signed too! That’s what friends are for. *palakpakan*

If you want me to autograph your book (o, diba?), here’s your chance! See you this Saturday, September 15 at 4pm at the SMX Convention Center! Detail below:

Shoppingero/shoppingera, see you there!

Keep your photos coming and tag me on Twitter, Facebook or email me at jenniepperson.com@gmail.com!

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