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Summer Sale Items To Buy Now And Wear This Fall

11:04 am 5 Comments

I couldn't have lost weight at a better time—it's sale season!! I started my diet last March and since then, I'm down two dress sizes!! Buying new clothes is fun but it can also be expensive especially when paying full price all the time. Summer sales are the best time to… Read More

The Secret To Getting Dressed Faster and Better

2:28 pm 2 Comments

Scenario: It's Monday. You've hit the snooze button for an extra few minutes under the sheets. Result? Panic-dressing! Haaaaaaaaay!! Problem: With only a few minutes to get ready for work or school run (me: the kids are going to be laaaaate!) how to look human? What to wear? Solution: Find… Read More

Fancy Pants To Replace Your Cocktail Dresses

10:52 am 0 Comments

August is not only my birth month but also the beginning of the party season! Just this week alone, I've received eight invitations to different events, birthday parties and shows. OMG. Too many affairs, too few party attires. To be honest, my new "weight-loss" wardrobe (since losing 20+ pounds, I've… Read More

Five Favorites

5:40 pm 0 Comments

Can you believe it's already August? For as much as it feels like the months are passing by quickly, I'm also excited because it's my birth month! I feel like it's more special this year because I've finally lost the extra 20+ lbs. of weight that I've been carrying around… Read More

What Jeans To Buy Right Now

10:34 am 2 Comments

I'm sure some of you have enough basic jeans in your closet to last you a lifetime. It's not surprising because if we could, we would live in our jeans forever. However, basic can sometimes become boring and no one wants to look and feel "meh" (uninspiring). Have you noticed… Read More

How Midi & Maxi Skirts Changed My Life

8:31 am 0 Comments

Last summer, I had a skin asthma attack and for the first time it spread throughout my calves, arms and lower back! It's a genetic disorder and there's really no cure for it but with the help of The Aivee Institute, my breakouts have been manageable. I'm just grateful that… Read More

7 Transitional Pieces Women Need Right Now

5:23 pm 2 Comments

After experiencing a brutal summer in the city, I am welcoming with open arms and legs, haha the rainy and cool season in Manila. It's also that time of the year when our tropical attires need a bit of updating. One of the best things about losing weight (from dress… Read More

How To Create A “Bed Weather”-Worthy Room

6:10 pm 0 Comments

It's the rainy season and I'm loving it! The rain has been great for our garden and it has finally cooled down the city. It's also the perfect time to hibernate in our rooms and enjoy the cool weather. Nothing spells "bed weather" than Netflix, comfy beddings and cozy room… Read More
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