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How To Create A “Bed Weather”-Worthy Room

6:10 pm 0 Comments

It's the rainy season and I'm loving it! The rain has been great for our garden and it has finally cooled down the city. It's also the perfect time to hibernate in our rooms and enjoy the cool weather. Nothing spells "bed weather" than Netflix, comfy beddings and cozy room… Read More

7 Simple Steps That Helped Me Lose Weight

3:00 pm 2 Comments

Disclaimer: This has not become a "diet" blog however, I would like to impart with all of you (while it's still fresh in my head) some of the techniques I've learned in jumpstarting my weight-loss. When I was at my heaviest, I made a mental note of my feelings and… Read More

3 Defining Moments For My Weight Loss

11:02 am 2 Comments

As of today, I have lost 22 pounds. It's a LOT of weight considering my tiny 5'5-foot frame. I started gaining weight after I gave birth to our second child and six years after, my son was born, I gained a total of 38 pounds! F@*&!!! The fats slowly creeped… Read More

My Healthy Hack Of Starbucks’ “Pink Drink”

6:53 pm 10 Comments

Starbucks' secret "Pink Drink" has becoming an Instagram sensation over the last month and the moment I saw hoards of photos from people I follow from the States on my feed, I salivated! #PinkDrink is basically an off-the-menu (means specifically stating what you want in the beverage) drink which swaps… Read More

5 Drinks That Helped Me Lose Weight

10:31 am 0 Comments

If you're following me on Snapchat, you would know how ecstatic I am for losing weight especially during my last weigh-in at The Aivee Clinic last Saturday (I lost 3 more pounds!!!) One of the biggest change I did when I started my weight-loss diet was drinking lots of water… Read More
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