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My Dream Travel Attire Just Came True

10:40 am 2 Comments

To don a stylish, relevant and comfortable attire is every fashion girl's goal. Traveling in style and wearing sleepwear is everyone's dream! Enter pajama dressing! [caption id="attachment_44033" align="aligncenter" width="684"] (From left) Thakoon and Alexander Wang, took a literal approach for spring and sent out pajama sets on the runways.[/caption] Fashion… Read More

Five Favorites

11:40 am 2 Comments

I so missed blogging!! I took time off from my regular postings because real life just got more fun and interesting for me. If you're following my Instagram Stories (sorry Snapchat but I've moved!!) you would know that my social calendar has been a packed the last few weeks plus,… Read More

4 Reasons To Fall In Love With Ballet

9:26 am 1 Comment

When I was kid, I hated ballet lessons because it took me away from play time (a.k.a. tumbang preso and taguan haha). My mom enrolled me to ballet classes when I was 5 years old, and forced me to go every weekend until I was 16. It paid off though… Read More

Khaki & Camo On Busy Rainy Days

9:53 am 0 Comments

There has been non-stop rainfall for six consecutive days in Manila. The cool weather brought by the rain is a welcome change from the scorching summer we've experienced in the city but at the same time, the traffic jams and flooding in some areas have been overwhelming. Going from a… Read More

How To Look Stylish Even On Rainy Days

8:08 am 0 Comments

For as much as I love the cool weather during the rainy season, it's also a challenge to look stylish when you're drenched in water. With this kind of weather constraint, it's time to bring out our creativity when it comes to dressing up. Here are my top 4 pieces… Read More

Summer Sale Items To Buy Now And Wear This Fall

11:04 am 5 Comments

I couldn't have lost weight at a better time—it's sale season!! I started my diet last March and since then, I'm down two dress sizes!! Buying new clothes is fun but it can also be expensive especially when paying full price all the time. Summer sales are the best time to… Read More

The Secret To Getting Dressed Faster and Better

2:28 pm 2 Comments

Scenario: It's Monday. You've hit the snooze button for an extra few minutes under the sheets. Result? Panic-dressing! Haaaaaaaaay!! Problem: With only a few minutes to get ready for work or school run (me: the kids are going to be laaaaate!) how to look human? What to wear? Solution: Find… Read More
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